The Best Social Media Moments From Last Weekend's Notte Bianca

Here's a little mid-week pick-you-up from us.

Notte Bianca Still

Notte Bianca has come and gone. You laughed, you might have cried (depending on how long it took you to find a parking place), but you definitely made memories. 

So did thousands of other Maltese people. We've sifted through all of them and come up with our favourite Notte Bianca moments from social media. 

Go ahead and re-live the fun:

This awesome drone footage showing Valletta by night

Literally highlighting how beautiful our capital is.

Nonotak's amazing light installation

Trippy AF and we love it. 

Valletta lighting up the world

This gorgeous image showing the illuminated bizilla globe outside Castille, taken by Sabidana.

This cute kid conducting the banda

What a boss. 

Tikka Banda bringing the fun to St John's Street

In the middle of a party at 1am. Instant regret for anyone who wasn't there at that very moment.

This magical shot of illuminated paper boats 

Nothing beats paper art in cuteness terms. Except glowing paper art.

This adorbs photo-booth couple

Screen Shot 2016 10 05 At 19 19 12

Everyone loves vintage love. 

The creator of Festa Festun with his work of art

Q U32 Jr D Imgur

Andrew Schembri is the brains behind this awesome installation. So he put his brain in front of his installation.

This insane dance piece by ZfinMalta

Will make even the best mover feel dance-inadequate.

Notte Bianca on Speed


Here's to another fantastic Notte Bianca. This was arguably Valletta's best Notte Bianca for its high-quality, varied and innovative programme. The event is the biggest cultural event in Malta and certainly up there amongst the coolest. The organisers have given themselves a hell of a tough time to top this edition. Let's see what happens next year!

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