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The Menu Of Monte Cristo: A New Baroque-Themed Italian Restaurant Is Coming To Malta

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Have you ever wanted to dine like actual royalty from the 1800s? Like, maybe as if you were a count or something fancy like that? Right here in Malta?

Well, now you can.

Located in the heart of St Paul’s Bay, Conte of Montecristo is the Victorian venue of your dreams.

The restaurant, owned by an Italian couple, boasts a variety of authentic art pieces from the 1800s, including paintings, statues, a chest, and a really fancy stool known as a ‘faldstool’.

Conte Di Montecristo 3480

Who wouldn’t want to dine in a setting that fancy? But that’s not the only reason to give Conte di Montekristo a visit.

Their authentic Italian menu changes every day

And we mean actual, real, authentic Italian, not just Margheritas and Carbonaras.

And since the menu is always changing, you can try something new every time you visit. Most of their produce is directly imported from Italy ensuring top quality meats and authentic ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant features a one of a kind aquarium where visitors will be allowed to choose fresh fish and other seafood.

Conte Di Montecristo 3370
Conte Di Montecristo 3352

They even stock a selection of fancy Italian cigars and wines available for consumption

And a whole variety of tasty cheeses and platters to pair with those cigars and wines. They also have special red and white wines made especially for them, that you cannot get your hands on anywhere else in the world.

I mean, could this get any fancier?

Conte Di Montecristo 3507
Conte Di Montecristo 3486
Yes. The answer is yes.

If you wanted to be extra extra, you could book your very own VIP table.

And be treated like true Victorian royalty whilst you dine on the finest of Italian dishes and indulge in a glass (or three) of wine.

Conte Di Montecristo 3458

So if you want to dine like an actual count, check out Conte of Montecristo on Facebook or give them a call on +356 79550411 or +356 21550411.

So grab your fancy clothes and your fancy friends and head on out for a fancy dinner. You deserve it.

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