The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Gadget Lovers In Malta

And they're all under €100!

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Choosing the perfect Christmas gift can quickly go from fun to frustrating. If you suffer from gift-finding anxiety and trying to find the perfect present for your favourite gadget lover, we've got your back.

Anker is a tech company that every Maltese person should definitely have on their radar. Why you need Anker is down to how you use your favourite gadgets; whether it's to keep at the cutting edge of brand new tech, or to make some of life's simplest pleasures even better.

Here are six gift ideas for this year, along with the people they're perfect for. What's better, with a price tag of under €100, they won't break the bank!

1. The gadget collector

Quick Charge 5 Port USB Wall Charger: €45.95

For that special person who has just about everything. 

We all know how frustrating it can be to find all the chargers we've got running around the house. Imagine how much harder it must be for people with double your devices. 

A wall charger with five USB ports, including two Quick Charge 3.0 ports. That doesn't just mean it's enough for an entire family's worth of devices to simultaneously charge; it's also charges two essential devices at the fastest possible rate right now. 

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2. The gym freak

SoundBuds €49.95

We all have that one friend or family member who's all about that #GymLife. And while music does make a workout a hundred times better, getting an ideal pair of earbuds that will properly cancel out all the background grunting while not getting a sweat-induced short circuit can get very hard. Well, that's where Anker comes in.

Sweatproof, magnetic in-ear sport Bluetooth buds with an 8-hour playtime? Perfect for even the hardest gym freaks.

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3. The pre-drinks DJ

SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker: €55.95

There's always that one person who's going to turn up to a pre-party, pre-drinks or pre-anything with a playlist on their phone and a Bluetooth speaker in tow. If you'd like to take their experience (and yours, in extension) to a another level. 

The SoundCore speaker packs a mean punch for its size, and delivers 24 straight hours of playtime. Yes, 24 hours. That's more than enough to last you a couple of pre-drinks.

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4. The audiophile

SoundCore Boost: €92.95

Sometimes, enough just isn't enough. There's always one person in the group who tries to turn the volume up another notch, complaining that there just isn't enough bass on their favourite track. Well, this Christmas, provide them with enough... and then some.

Listen for up to 10 hours (that's 210 songs), and turn it all the way up to 11. If that wasn't enough, power external devices in the process. Sounds like a plan.

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5. The adventurous (or clumsy) music lover

SoundCore Sport: €42.95

It's always the same with these people. They're either constantly trying to push their own daredevil boundaries, or they're constantly dropping everything. Whatever it is, they're going to need durable devices to last them more than a couple of days. Thankfully, that is now possible.

The SoundCore Sport packs the punch and longevity of the other Anker devices in a smaller package. Oh, and it's also got a IPX7 waterproof rating. That means it can handle immersion in up to one metre of water for up to 30 minutes, even floating after taking a plunge. Add high dust and sand resistance, and this is the perfect companion for the most adventurous gadget lover on your Christmas gift lift... or the clumsiest.

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6. The one simply addicted to technology

PowerCore+ 20,100 mAh: €95.95

What do you buy someone who already has all the devices, and just can't keep up with them all? Well, something to help them do just that. 

Anker's PowerCore+ lets you simultaneously charge three devices at full speed, and even includes a USB-C to USB-C port. The insane capacity on these devices means they can charge a typical phone seven times without itself needing a recharge. And speaking of recharge, the PowerCore+ can be fully recharged in about eight hours. 

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