Things That Happened On Every Night Out In The 2000's In Malta

When getting home cost you 50c and potential abduction

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Some Maltese people might say that social night life on the islands reached its peak in the 00s. Others might disagree – but they would be wrong. We're standing our ground firmly on this one by declaring that nothing will ever compete with the Sugar Shakes and the Axises of the world.

So get on board – we're about to journey to the heyday of your social upbringing. Here's a complete list of everything that unfailingly happened on a noughties night out.

1. There were always two rounds of pre-drinks

One at your (parents') house, one at the park opposite Ħexa/Fredu's – depending on how old you are.

2. Also: everyone always carried pre-mix

Tiding you over from the journey from pre-drinks to pre-drinks follow up.

3. You always knew whether or not your crush would be in PV

Because his/her MSN 'nick' would change to Hacienda/Sabor/Plush tonight! without fail on Friday... morning.

4. But you didn't always know whether your friends would show up

Because Sarah never had any fucking credit on her phone to answer your message.

5. But everyone showed up for shots

And "Tray Vodka Redbull" didn't even sound like three separate words anymore after you'd shouted it five hundred times over The Alley's ten looping rock songs.

7. Or at Bamboo if it was 'tourist season'

Nothing starts the night off like a sweaty, lycra-clad patata jiggling in your face.

8. You had to psyche yourself up for the Axis queues

Did we finish the pre-mix?

10. Of course you'd have to go outside every half an hour to get some air

Read – check where the fuck your crush went.

11. And then you'd spot them on the Montrose balcony

"Getting off" with your frenemy. #StillHurts

12. So you spend half an hour in the toilets crying to your friends.

"Xiż-żobb jaralha għid?!"

13. Only one thing could cheer you up

Hot dog from Ed Diner's?

14. Okay, maybe two things...

A mid-night-out Amigos pizza slice?

15. Before you celebrated your last leg of the night with Karaoke at Memories

And more shooters... #treyvodkaredbull.

16. And a final pizza round at the eternally-open: Sunrise.

If you made it to Sunrise, you'd won the night.

BONUS: Your ride home cost 50c

In a white Wembley van with twenty other people and a driver that may or may not have been a murderer.

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