This Underground Club Is One Of Malta's Hidden Gems

Welcome to the adult playground

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The clubbing scene in Malta only keeps getting stronger and more varied as the years go by, and with summer in full swing, some of the best venues on the island can easily end up being accidentally overlooked. If you're anywhere near the Paceville area and don't want this to happen, then boy have we got the club for you. 

Welcome to The Playground

This little gem is located far away enough from the hustle and bustle of Paceville's centre, while still being a couple of minutes' walk away. The Playground is found in Dragonara Road, aptly named because of the Westin Dragonara Hotel and Casino which can be found just across the road. If you're chilling at St. George's Bay, all you have to do is walk up the road on the right of the beach, and you'll instantly find The Playground on your right. Part of the SKY Club trio of venues, The Playground might look deceptively nondescript on the outside with its simple black door, but a haven of all things awesome, loud and underground waits inside.

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1. There are great sound systems, then there's The Playground's 

Take one of the best sound systems you've experienced in your life, and turn it all the way up to 11. The Playground is hooked up with a system courtesy of Funktion-One, one of the world's top sound systems. These guys have supplied anything from the most popular clubs in New York and Ibiza, to some of the biggest music festivals in the world (anything from Glastonbury to Tomorrowland). Now, it's time to experience all of that... in an underground club in Malta. Yes please.


2. Top local and foreign DJs regularly play there

And there's really no limit to what's played here. Anything and everything has had its time to shine down here, from bangers by Carl Bee, Miss RobertaDJ RubyDaniel Blade and many many more. Loads of foreign DJs have also graced The Playground with their presence over the years. From countries like Italy, the UK, Argentina, Germany, France, Israel and America... the list is endless!

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3. There's an event happening every day

No, really. And don't expect to be some half-assed gimmick that doesn't really work out on certain days; The Playground gets full even on Monday nights!

4. It's recently been entirely refurbished

So yeah, it's only getting bigger and better for fans of the club. In between the awesome light setup, the insanely loud sound system, and the ludicrously cool DJ booth, The Playground is set to continue being one of the coolest places to club the summer away.

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