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Top Things To Look Out For At This Week’s DELTA Summit In Malta

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Blockchain continues to dominate global headlines, and if you’ve been meaning to get in on what the fuss is all about, or want to establish a foothold in it before everyone else gets on board, then this week is perfect for you. All you have to do is head to Paceville’s Intercontinental Hotel for the DELTA Summit 2018, Malta’s Official Blockchain Summit.

The three-day summit will feature some of the world’s major players in the industry for what will be the country’s first ever official blockchain and digital innovation summit. It’s set to be big, the summit itself is expecting over 3000 attendees.

Here are five awesome things to look out for at the summit.

1. Chatting with Imogen Heap

You read that right; British Grammy award-winning superstar Imogen Heap will be participating in a fireside chat on Wednesday, the opening evening of DELTA.

Back in 2014, Imogen Heap founded Mycelia, a flourishing music industry ecosystem through which she released the first song to ever use smart contracts on blockchain.

2. And that’s just the tip of a list of speakers featuring the industry’s crème de la crème

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, parliamentary secretary Hon. Silvio Schembri (who has been entrusted with blockchain regulation) and several other top government officials and lawyers will also be there to speak about Malta’s plans to regulate the industry. As far as the international guests go, the list as star-studded as it gets.

Speakers include Wikipedia’s co-founder Larry Sanger and renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, to Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, Evercoin founder Mike Matsumara, and Malta’s own award-winning Fintech and AI expert Dr. Abdalla Kablan.

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Changpeng Zhao, founder of cryptotrading giant Binance, which is set to relocate to Malta

3. A bar-hopping tour of Valletta with Lovin Malta

We’re taking over the DELTA Summit’s entertainment on Thursday evening and taking attendees on an ultimate cocktail-drinking historically accurate(ish) tour of the best bars in Valletta; Lovin DELTA Night Summit!

So if you’re looking to spice up your DELTA Summit visit or simply need some ideas for a bar-hopping extravaganza around our nation’s capital, grab your DELTA Summit badge and get ready.

Featuring 10 of the capital’s coolest bars and some of the most iconic landmarks around, this is one night you won’t want to miss.

Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 16 35 09

4. An opportunity to mingle with the best in the business

With investors there aplenty, this summit will be the Promised Land for keen businesspeople looking to get a foothold in the crypto world.

You’ll be able to rub shoulders with these people during the summit itself and, if you pay extra, you will even be able to catch them in a more informal setting at a gala dinner. There will also be a startup pitch competition to find companies with the next big ideas to disrupt the blockchain space.

Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 16 55 21

5. The launch of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority

Responsible for the certification of Innovative Technology Arrangements and the registration of Systems Auditors and Technical Administrators, the MDIA will officially be launching over the weekend.

The Authority will play a vital role in the protection of users and will help improve Malta’s excellent reputation by implementing the best standards in the sector.

Screen Shot 2018 09 28 At 16 57 50

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