VIP Host And 9 Other Malta International Airport Jobs You Never Knew Existed

There's so much more than meets the eye

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The first thing that comes to mind when people think of airports is pilots walking down polished floors with a leather briefcase or a small luggage in tow. However, the fact of the matter is that there's a long list of unsung heroes, including at our very own Malta International Airport (MLA). In fact, since MLA is an airport and not an airline, you can pretty much find everything except pilots working there.

Here are 10 jobs you might've never known existed at Malta International Airport.

1. Security officer

OK, let's start with a slightly predictable one. Security officers at MLA oversee screening processes and control access to different parts of the airport. Of course, you need to add constant vigilance to that list of responsibilities.

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2. Airport Chauffeur

MLA's chauffeurs don't only provide driving support within the airfield from the terminal to the aircraft (and vice-versa) during VIP Services; they also help the airport’s guests find their way and answer those all-important travel questions.

3. VIP Host

These people manage the airport's special guests’ experience at different points of the passenger journey. They're also the first people who'll be meeting that celeb you'll be dying to catch a glimpse of on the Valletta Waterfront.

Vip Host

4. Firefighter

Big planes, constant flights, and a record-breaking number of visitors? Of course you're going to need a couple of firefighters and a fire-station - and one particularly dedicated to the airport at that! The firefighting staff arm the airport with a rescue and fire protection capability, driving their fire trucks on the apron to the accident scene and providing first aid and rescue services to people affected.

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5. Meteorologist

You know that weather forecast you keep checking? It all comes from the airport's  Meteorological Office, which is actually the only one in all of Malta. From designing forecasts to studying the causes of particular conditions, these are your go-to guys for all things weather.

Met Office 1

6. Traffic Development professional

Responsible for putting Malta on the map as well as improving its connectivity with the rest of the world, TDPs do that by regularly going abroad, meeting new and existing contacts, and attracting more airlines to the Airport's ever-growing list of routes.

Most people say this is one of the coolest jobs at the airport, and you can very easily see why.

Traffic Development

7. Aerodrome Operations Unit Official

Overlooking the bustling runway and Apron 9, this team works around the clock to decide in which lane you have to check-in when you’re travelling out, which reclaim area to pick up your luggage from on your way in, and which stand each single aircraft should park in.

Power and a view? Sounds good.

8. Aerodome Services Officers

The aerodrome operations team ensure the smooth day-to-day operations on the airfield, carrying out inspections on runways and taxiways to make sure the areas are safe for aircraft movements. 

They also carry out inspections on runways and taxiways and communicate with Aerodrome Operations Unit via walkie talkies. Proper spy stuff right there.

Aerodrome Services Officer

9. SkyParks Facilities Coordinator

Situated only two minutes away from the terminal is a team of people who have been managing the 1,500-people-strong business centre for the past five years. 

The facilities coordinator is the primary contact for tenant project works and also coordinates building evacuation drills to ensure the health and safety of the community at SkyParks.


10. Project Manager

The Malta International Airport embarks on a whole lot of very big (and very important) projects. Remember the mega project that was The Terminal Reconfiguration? Literally each corner of the terminal undergoing works whilst still carrying out business as usual. Eesh. Well, the Project Manager is there to make it all look easy.

And with the recent announcement of the airport's masterplan, it's looking like a very interesting future for MLA's engineers, architects, draughtsmen and all the project managers.

So yeah; airport employees might not get free flights, but they do get a huge team to work with in a dynamic workplace.

However, if you're into perks, there's always their well-being allowance, free access to the gym, and a calendar of cool after-hours social activities. Sweet!

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