WATCH: Malta's Superchef Hosts Stunning Celebrity-Filled Lunch For The Social Media Awards Afterparty

And then we headed on upstairs to get our party on

A room full of influencers, free-flowing wine, a giant sword, good food and lots of 80s music. Here's everything that went down at the afterparty for the first ever Lovin Malta Social Media Awards.

Together with winners, nominees and sponsors, Team Lovin headed down to Caviar & Bull and Buddhamann in St. Julian's, two culinary hot-spots run by local super-chef Marvin Gauci.

We started with an exclusive lunch at Caviar & Bull

The winners and the sponsors were treated to a delicious three-course meal by Chef Marvin and his team. Social media sensations like Valentina Rossi, The Travellers and local couture designer Luke Azzopardi were all there, taking in the sights, sounds... and above all, the taste.

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 09 52 20

The meal kicked off with a delectable lobster and salmon tortellacci in a shellfish velouté, which set the standard for the incredible canapés that were up next on the menu. In fact, every canapé was specially selected and prepared from each one of Marvin's award-winning kitchens; Buddhamann's Mediterranean-Asian fusion, Tarragon's refined Maltese cuisine, Caviar & Bull's sophisticated Mediterranean dishes and Dinner In The Sky's modern, adrenaline-filled take on it all.

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 09 48 23
Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 09 59 29

Beef cheeks and a fancy semi-freddo parfait for dessert closed it off in style, and of course, Marvin stopped by to entertain us a bit while we stuffed our faces, drank all the wine, and indulged in the beautiful interiors of the restaurant.

We then moved upstairs to Buddhamann where the rest of the nominees joined us... and the party really began

Influencers and celebs from all over the island joined us as we grooved away to some killer tunes.

Local hip-hop group 215Collective, LGBTQ+ activist Karly May, the great Tamara Webb, and celeb sisters Yazmin and Jade Zammit-Stevens dropped by to join in on the action.

Tasty drinks and canapés were on offer, including berry prosecco and chop suey tacos. You've had chop suey, you've had tacos, but you've probably never had a chop suey taco - let alone a truly loved one.

This interesting fusion of two very different cuisines is made even more impressive by the addition of pickled shallots, masala mayo and a carrot and cumin salad - and boy, does it work.

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10 05 05
Screenshot 2019 02 26 At 17 53 28

Fancy favourites were the Cubanito molecular fusion shots, probably the coolest dish (is a Cubanito sphere even a dish?).

The second little sphere of glory to make it onto the menu, and the signature appetiser at Dinner In The Sky, the thin gel-like outer layer bursts at the slightest pressure, covering your taste buds in their tasty house-made Cubano.

Served in half a lime, diners are invited to squirt a dash of lime juice into their mouth following the shot, making this dish fun, delicious and slightly sexual.

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10 06 26

Chef Marvin impressed us all with his go-to party trick; slicing the top off of two prosecco bottles with a massive sword.

He also knighted Chucky and Lydon from 215 in the process. We’re not sure what they're knights of, but they're knights now.

Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10 08 12
Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10 11 18

Our second dessert was practically a giant piece of edible art and blew everyone away. With liquid nitrogen poured over fruit and chocolate, as well as a splattering of some tasty syrups, it was the most beautiful and tastiest party dessert ever.

And Valentina Rossi really liked this one.

Dessert Table
Screen Shot 2019 03 01 At 10 14 37

We can't wait for the next Social Media Awards and for another amazing afterparty!

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