WATCH: This Fast-Growing iGaming Company Has One Of The Coolest Offices In Malta

I mean, talk about a dream office...

Gone are the days of blank grey cubicles and boring empty rooms; Malta's new offices are seriously stepping up their game. Together with Egg Recruitment, we've set out to explore the island's coolest offices in a new series called 'Dream Offices'. But be aware; you're about to get some serious job-envy.

Episode two of this four-part series looks into the world of iGaming company; Casumo

The tech-oriented company, located in the heart of Tal-Ibraġġ, boasts a pretty exciting workplace full of creativity-inspiring areas. Their 'Odditorium' can be used for hosting talks on various interesting topics, on tech, design and everything in between, conferences, parties, occasional 'hackathons' and more.

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Their Social Club is an actual playground area with ping-pong, pool table, video games, board games, football club and yoga. The perfect place to let loose after an intense meeting, or somewhere you can bounce off ideas with your colleagues. The office space is full of plants and some super cool pieces of furniture that make your time there pretty enjoyable.

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'Dream Offices' is being powered by Egg Recruitment

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Egg Recruitment make the effort to really understand the company culture by visiting the offices in person before starting the recruitment drive. That means they will not only help you find that perfect job you've been looking for, but also help you if you're a business looking for that ideal candidate.

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