We Tried Malta's Latest Future Jobs Finder And It's Scarily Accurate

Teaming up with the latest Spiderman blockbuster, the tool will match Maltese youths’ talents and skills to their dream job

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You pick the subjects you want to take for your future career at 12 years old. You then, if you're anything like me, spend the rest of secondary school and post-secondary education (and even afterwards) trying to figure out what job to do.

Choosing a job for yourself ain't easy folks.

That's why Vodafone has teamed up with Sony Pictures (yes, those Sony Pictures) and have come up with the Vodafone’s Future Jobs Finder tool; the questionnaire that has the power to tell you what digital jobs suit you most. And take it from us; it's insanely accurate.

Vodafone aims to help Maltese youths identify their skills, find jobs that match them and reach their full potential in today’s digital world.

The Future Jobs Finder draws on the main theme of Sony's anticipated film Spider-Man: Into Spider-Verse; that anyone can achieve their full potential given the right skills and support.

Voda Spido

One of the great moments in the movie is when Peter Parker tells Miles: “Don’t do it like me, do it like you”. Spiderman embraces what makes him Spiderman and that allows him to swing big and save the day. Vodafone believes that embracing what makes each of us who we are is the key to realising our potential. With the Future Jobs Finder Vodafone’s goal is to connect youths with the right job for them, so that like Spiderman, they can go on to do great things.

The power is in keeping it simple; this questionnaire asks you to rate your abilities, activities and behaviours on certain digital tasks and will be able to tell which career you should go for.

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And because Future Jobs Finder is such a super power, that's not only it. Once you get your results the site will link you to keepmeposted.com.mt for you to find jobs in your area and will also direct you to online courses (free ones mostly included) on the jobs it suggests for you.

This is way too good to be true.

So, naturally, we were skeptical. We got our own Lovin team to give the questionnaire a go. And, guys, the results speak for themselves.

Matt, our Head of Social Media and Digital, got Social Media Manager

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Luke, our Head of Sales, got Business Development and Head of Marketing and Sales

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Future Jobs Finder is great for young people who feel they need inspiration when approaching work for the first time. But really anyone can use it, even if you just want to learn more about yourself.

The online platform takes people through a series of short tests, developed with psychologists, careers experts and training providers, to identify their skills and interests. In the second step, people are directed to specific job opportunities in their chosen location, including opportunities with Vodafone”.

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