QUIZ: Are You Malta's Biggest Chocoholic? Prove It And You Could Win Cash

The most rewarding guilty pleasure of them all

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Ah, chocolate. In between our love of indulgent food and the need to have an ice-cream (or seven) in summer, Maltese people are obsessed with chocolate. If you think you can go one stop further than simple taste and actually put your knowledge of chocolate to the test, Quizando's latest quiz is the perfect opportunity.

The Chocolate Quiz (yes, we know; we're getting hungry just reading that) promises 20 questions which will test what you know about one of the best things in the world, "from your favourite choc brands to the delicious history to the tastiest dishes and drinks", as Quizando puts it .And hey, as always you can get a cash prize for very little effort! Count us in (and craving). 

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Are you ready? Click here!

Bite in, and good luck!

Tag a chocoholic friend who thinks they can ace this!

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David Grech Urpani

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