QUIZ: Calling All Maltese Shopaholics, Are You More Of A Shoe Girl Or A Bag Girl?

Or perhaps a mix of both?

Mary Paz

Our personalities are made up of a whole combination of facts that add up to make us the unique individuals we all are. From how much sugar we like in our tea to whether we prefer cats to dogs, what our favourite colour is to how quickly we lose our temper, we're all made of character building blocks.

One of these traits is the age old 'Are you a bag or a shoe person'? Well, MARYPAZ is here to help you with that one. Stocking bags and shoes in all the latest styles, they've got you covered.


And in case you need any help to answer that question, you can take our quiz below to find out.

So, what kind of person are you?

Regardless of what your answer is, you can get your shoe and bag fix at MARYPAZ in Qormi.

The Spanish brand, inspired by the international catwalks and trendy street-style has a beaut range of flats, sandals and boots, pretty much anything you'd want to wear on your feet, at great prices!


Their shoes have even been spotted on the feet of some of Malta's hottest celebs like Tamara Webb and Gaia Cauchi, so you know your feet and shoulders are in good hands!

Tamara And Gaia

Tag a friend who loves shoes and a friend who loves bags!

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