QUIZ: This Is Your Chance To Prove You're A True Islander And Win Cash!

The Mediterranean is just the beginning

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Everyone knows that a vast majority of the Earth's surface is covered by water, but it takes a small island like Malta to really help you appreciate the beauty and power of the world's seas and oceans. With great awareness comes great knowledge, and this is your perfect opportunity to put it all to the test, with Quizando's latest quiz.

The Oceans & Seas Quiz is just that; 20 questions grilling your knowledge on the big blue, presenting questions on how "the oceans and seas effect life and the world". Whether or not you like swimming doesn't fit into the equation here; know the seas, and you could win a cash prize for very little effort!

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Are you ready? Click here!

Surf's up bro - good luck!

Featured Photo by Luna Roman

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