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Got A Video That Can Make All Malta Say ‘Illallu’?

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Some people love showing off their hilarious party tricks. Others have insane talents they’ve kept hidden for years. And most of us have that one video of our pets, babies or best friends that could make everyone laugh for hours. Now, there’s finally a chance for you to make some money by sharing these videos: illalluTube.

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illalluTube is a new Facebook page that’s looking for Malta’s rawest talent, not just singing and dancing but fun, quirky stuff.

Like balancing things on your head

Or twerking better than Beyonce


Speaking in accents…

…or in animal sounds

Basically anything that can make people say “illallu”


So how does it work?

1) Send a link of your YouTube/Vimeo/Instagram video through this form.

2) Wait for illalluTube to verify the video and publish it on the gallery. 

3) Get your friends to vote. 

The first round of videos will go live and be open to public voting on February 20th. Each week after that, the video with the highest number of public votes will be announced winner. They’ll get a GoPro Hero5, some accessories, and a ticket to the final.

The competition ends March 26th, when one video is chosen from the five finalists to win the Grand Prize of an iPhone 7 Plus and €4,000 in cash. This is going to be fun!
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So what are you waiting for? Start looking through your old videos or tag a friend to help you create a new one. Let’s do this!


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