WATCH: Local Personalities Share Shocking Statistics And Touching Stories Of Domestic Violence In Malta

Two in three victims believe domestic violence affected their careers

The fact that domestic violence and abuse is such a stark reality on our island is often ignored or overlooked, but the truth is it affects more Maltese people than you would imagine. A recent survey posted by Lovin Malta explored the reality of domestic abuse in Malta and how it affected victims at the work place.

A vast majority of the 250 people who filled in our survey indicated that they were either victims of domestic violence themselves, or knew someone who had experienced it. The most common form of domestic violence experienced by the respondents was psychological or emotional abuse. This type of abuse is often harder to spot, meaning victims find it easier to hide, which is why it is important that victims of abuse feel safe as often as possible, especially their workplace.

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Vodafone Malta has recently introduced a new policy that provides employees who may be experiencing domestic violence ten days of paid leave alongside their usual sick and vacation leave.

This will allow victims to carry out any medical or court appointments as needed, and without any financial consequence. Our survey found that two out of three respondents who were victims of abuse felt that it had an affect on their career. However, over half of them said that they didn't feel comfortable discussing their situation with a colleague or employee.

The truth is people who work full time spend most of their weekday at the office, and in fact over 60% of respondents occupied full time jobs. It is imperative that individuals feeling unsafe at home are at least allowed to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

It is steps and policies like the one that Vodafone Malta is introducing that will help victims and individuals seek the right help when they need it the most. If your company doesn't have a policy like this in place, perhaps its time to start up a conversation.

We teamed up with several local activists, personalities, and outspoken individuals to stand up in the fight against domestic abuse.

These people include actor and TV host Ben Camille, actress Kim Dalli, Women for Women founder Francesca Fenech Conti, Shakira Fenech from SOAR, Men Against Domestic Violence founder Aleksander Dimitrijevic, and Lovin Malta CEO Chris Peregin.

We collaborated with Vodafone Malta to produce a video that gave a voice to the anonymous respondents, and shared some of their stories. Because these are voices that need to be heard, not made to keep quiet.

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