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WATCH: Reaching Out For Emotional Support Has Never Been So Simple With OLLI.Chat

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When it comes to mental health, reaching out is the first yet sometimes the most difficult step to take. Whether you feel pressured to hide your struggles or do not realise you have any issues in the first place, it is important to reach out.

OLLI.chat, a new online live chat service by Richmond Foundation that will operate 24/7 every day. Made possible through the support of Epic and its Epic for Good initiative, OLLI.chat will offer a different access point for help where you are able to talk to trained professionals anonymously regarding everything mental health.

What is most crucial about mental health, is that it affects each and every one of us differently. Where some people may suffer from anxiety others may suffer from depression and so on.

To prove just how different each and every one of us is when it comes to our mental health struggles, here at Lovin Malta’ we have produced the following video:

The eight participants were all put into a room and asked the exact same six ‘yes or no’ questions. Whenever the answer was yes, the participant was asked to step into the circle.

As you can clearly see, each participant ended up stepping into the circle – with each having answered yes to a different question.

Not everyone suffers from panic attacks or struggles to understand their feelings or even has harmed themselves – yet none of us is immune to mental health struggles, especially during the pandemic.

At OLLI.chat they know that you need to talk, to vent. Whatever you wish to speak about, it is okay to do so – they are here to listen and help you.

Your mental health is crucial and deserves to be appreciated and taken care of. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, if you need help, there is nothing wrong with that.

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