WATCH: This Christmas Ad About Coming Back Home To Malta Will Give You All The Feels

Hop on board ladies and gentlemen; we're on a feels trip

After getting off a long flight home, there's nothing better than being welcomed back by someone you love... second only perhaps to sleeping in your own bed. Airports all around the world have witnessed many an emotional greeting as siblings, spouses and families reunite after long stints abroad. That feeling is made all the more special when you're coming home for the holidays.

Malta International Airport's new Christmas video encapsulates that feeling perfectly.

In what could be the Maltese version of the Love Actually opening scene, the video follows three individuals who have been travelling for a while or work abroad as they return home for the holidays and are greeted by their family members – both two and four-legged. The video fills you with Christmas spirit and will definitely make you want to go and hug all your family members (yes, even that one sister you're always arguing with).


We'd make the same face if we were greeted by such a cute little doggo TBH.

Any person who has spent a significant amount of time apart from their families knows all too well how wonderful it is to be reunited. Living abroad and spending time alone may be fun and exciting, but nothing beats being greeted by your mother as she gives you a hug, and then offers to carry your suitcase to the car for you.


Um, this may be the most beautiful family we have ever seen.

Because the truth is, Christmas is better together!


There's nothing better than being welcomed back by the one you love.

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