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Struggles with colleagues, bosses and workplace management don’t have to be a thing you dread every single time you walk into the office. But there’s a couple of steps that should be followed before you successfully wave those hassles goodbye.

Over 90% of Malta’s businesses are small-to-medium size and account for over 70% of employment. Local and International businesses are on the rise and while that’s a great thing, they’re usually all in danger of suffering the same fate. And seeing as behind every successful business is a strong human resources department, every single department is only as good as its worst performer.

From staffing problems to thinner mark-ups, swimming with the big fish is no simple task… but it doesn’t have to be impossible either.

As the fundamentals of how we manage our businesses have changed over the years (sadly only becoming more challenging), so have the types of obstacles that smaller business face. 

With fewer resources, more is expected from executives and clients, and a greater sense of entitlement brings with it a lower sense of employer loyalty. And to top it all off, those thinner mark-ups only lead to less room for investment in vital areas like marketing and HR.

You can go for a number of quick fixes… but ultimately, you need to work with – and evolve – who you’ve got.

At the end of the day, it’s the employees who will perform the necessary tasks, and without the right investment in such people, a business can never truly maximise its potential.

And that’s why tackling the challenge while avoiding having a full-time team of HR professionals can prove to be so beneficial.

Enter outsourcing.

Outsourcing the service to an external provides allows a company to focus on its core tasks while still tackling its HR challenges by leaving it to the professionals.

From recruitment and payroll services to HR consultancy and employer branding strategies, there’s a number of services that can easily be outsourced.

Leave the learning and development to the pros while you continue striving towards your own goals, making sure that the team hits the necessary targets together.

But how does it work?

Well, as is the case with most great systems, it’s all up to you!

Whether you’d like to outsource HR as a long-term solution or on a temporary basis, it can work wonders where new systems are being introduced and where companies need guidance and monitoring.

And it doesn’t even need to be your only HR solution either; outsourcing can help support an existing HR team with their daily responsibilites, along with training a team who might not be up to date with the current trends and methods.

Of course, finding the right HR outsourcing firm requires first knowing what you specificlaly need help with?

Do you spend too much time on payroll? Do you need help finding the right employees? What about creating an employee handbook?

Thankfully, Quad Consultancy offers all of this and much more.

Whether you need help with benefits administration, employee recruiting and training, payroll, or anything else that will help you focus on your customers and managing your business, Quad needs to be on your radar.

Already a household name thanks to their robust recruitment services, Quad can help design and deploy your HR strategy… not to mention take care of your daily HR functions.

Let someone else maximise your staff’s potential so you can concentrate on your core functions.

Time to meet up for a no-obligation introductory meeting to get the ball rolling!

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