WATCH: Who Can Find The Perfect Outfit In Just 15 Minutes?

When Chucky took on Daniel Lake

Things got heated when Lovin Malta's Chucky Bartolo took on personal trainer Daniel Lake in our first Dress The Part challenge. The guys were given 15 minutes to put together the perfect outfit for a Christmas 'meet the parents' event with their significant others. The challenge was refereed and judged by Bortex retail executive Lawrence Gray. 

1. Lawrence Gray was a strict timekeeper

Screen Shot 2016 12 26 At 7 54 21 Am

2. Sparing the boys no extra seconds in their race to impress

Screen Shot 2016 12 26 At 7 55 18 Am

3. Clearly there was a 'who looks best in a suit' bias

Screen Shot 2016 12 26 At 7 53 39 Am

4. But that didn't stop the sassy banter...

Daniel Sass

5. ... from both sides

Daniel Sass 2

6. A keen observer might notice a pattern where our winner was concerned


7. But a true model knows when to accept defeat

Losing With Dignity

Make Tyra proud and slay that consolation prize

BONUS: Remember everyone, confidence is key


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