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You Don’t Have To Be In The Field To Have A Sports Career In Malta

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While the phrase ‘sports career’ may well make you think of a professional athlete or two, there’s way more that goes on behind the scenes.

From organising sports events and managing players to running clubs and marketing operations, there are plenty of options out there for people who wish to turn their love of sports into a full-time job.

In Avanza Training Academy’s two-year course, Diploma in Sports Management (MQF Level 5), accredited and recognised by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority [MFHEA], you will learn about sports management from a theoretical and practical approach, giving you a clear insight into what makes a successful club and player tick.

Lectures at Avanza Academy will also expose you to a wide array of roles within the sports world, such as marketing, event planning, sports psychology, journalism, organisation strategy and finance.

Avanza prides itself on the individual level of attention they give students, they won’t just give assignments and exams at you but will go the extra mile if needed to help you obtain that final qualification.

Extremely relevant for athletes seeking to remain in the industry they love once they retire, as well as everyone with a passion for sports, is Avanza’s Diploma in Sports Management.

And you won’t be consigned to the classroom either.

As part of the course, you will get to spend 250 hours at a work-based learning placement within a sports organisation, giving you a crucial early taste of the industry and a chance to observe realities on the ground.

Once you’ve completed your Diploma, you will be able to apply for employment within the industry straight away or take your sports studies further with a Bachelor’s degree.

This course is an ideal option for sports lovers – really, what could be a better job than helping build and improve the game you love?

Let your passion guide you because an exciting career in sports could well be at your fingertips – just look at renowned Maltese goalkeeper-turned-student Andrew Hogg’s journey for inspiration. 

Now reading for a Master’s degree, Hogg’s experience of coming to grips with his impending football retirement convinced him to become a brand ambassador of the Avanza Training Academy – and it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

And aside from sports-focused courses, the Birkirkara-based licensed by the MFHEA as a Further and Higher Education Institute offers several courses, namely in Education, Sports and Entrepreneurship.

Whether you are looking for the next big step in your sports career or want to develop an entirely new skill in an industry you aspire to join, Avanza may be the academy you are looking for – get started now.

The certification is internally recognised and is valid abroad so don’t limit your dreams to seeking a career only in Malta but why not, maybe take it a step further and go work for an international sports team.

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