Still Trying To Figure Out How To Make Money While Having Fun? Here's Malta's Answer

Finally we can cash in all those hours spent watching the Weakest Link with mummy.


If you attend a Maltese dinner party, slumber party, Christmas lunch, BBQ, picnic or any type of organised fun occasion, you'll inevitably witness the shouting, laughing, crying, and general intensity of game-playing amongst the locals. 

We're insufferable when it comes to games – we will cheat and fight to the death just to wear the trivia crown of any game we're involved in. If we could monetise the energy put into beating our friends and loved ones at games we would be rolling in cash.

Hang on, it seems...we can.

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Quizando is a Maltese quiz site which launched a mere month ago, offering users a chance to put their general knowledge skills to work. It has seen rapid growth since its launch, with registered user numbers already reaching the thousands. 

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So how does it work? 

Easy. Just visit the site and register. There are loads of quizzes about all sorts of things.

General trivia is the most abundant, mostly focusing on of-the-moment topics of interest. You'll also find a locally-themed quiz thrown in there.

Anyone registered to the site will be able to play most of the quizzes for free. Each quiz will have a certain number of times it can be played before you will need to pay to play more.The only exception to this rule is the one hit quizzes.

All you have to do is pick a quiz, press play, and answer as many questions correctly – as quickly as you can. 


Once you're confident enough, you can put your money where your mouth is and keep playing to try and win some money.

You can use a PayPal account, or simply enter your bank details, to add money to your account and begin taking quizzes with cash prizes. The lowest amount you can start with on your account is €10 – cheap as chips.

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Once you've taken the quiz, you'll be told if you've done better than other people who also have. There are prizes for various different rankings on the leaderboard, so your chances of winning something are pretty decent. The prize split for each quiz is not always the same, but you can check out how the total prize pool will be divided before you commit to a quiz.

Each quiz is active for a certain period of time, and every quiz has a different duration – some are open for as little as a day, others for a week and some for a month. The amount of time remaining before a quiz closes is always made clear, so you know how much time you need to wait before you can claim your quiz throne. 

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We wouldn't recommend quitting your job yet, but at least  now you can start making money off your innate, mind-consuming need to win at anything you play. 

Just to start you off, we've picked one of our favourite Quizando quizzes for you to try. Play nice kids.