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Sufan Sundays Are Back: What Type Of English Premier League Fan Are You?

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Football fans rejoice – the English Premier League is just around the corner and we know how we’re spending our Sundays for the next few weeks. Or months.

Watching football is kind of a ritual here in Malta, and how you behave in front of the screen says a lot about you.

We’ve teamed up with Yobetit to come up with a list of seven different football fans. Which one are you?

1. The wannabe coach

Constantly showing off their football expertise and shouting at the screen as though the players over at Old Trafford can actually hear them. And simultaneously pissing off everyone around them.

2. The one who’s in it for the banter

They care about football, but not that much. They really just turn up to the game to hang out with friends or to grab a few drinks and bites. There’s nothing better than bar food and a pint, let’s be honest.

3. The fantasy footballer

Sure, real football is fun. But have you ever put together your own team online and watched them rise to victory? Hands down more exciting than the real Premier League match taking place right now.

4. The one who ‘just needs a break’

Family life can be tough, noisy, and pretty damn stressful. Escaping to the bar or friends house for a few hours to watch the match is sometimes all you need to calm down. Unless your team loses.

5. The one who only sides with the underdog

Siding with a Manchester team is so mainstream and boring. Why not give Norwich a chance? Your gloating will feel so much more fulfilling when they win and everybody will be ashamed.

6. The wannabe commentator

Like the wannabe coach, but worse. This person feels the need to provide a live action play-by-play as the game goes on, making sure everyone knows what’s happening. Even though everyone else can also see what’s happening.

7. The one who only watches when their team is playing

They care about the league, but only as long as their team is playing. They don’t care about standings or the North London Derby if they’re not going to get anything out of it. So they only bother to turn up when their team is playing.

BONUS: The one who bets

What’s more exciting than backing your team all the way? From the pride of knowing you’re supporting the winning team, to the excitement of waiting to see what happened next, true football fans give their all when it comes to showing support. Plus, there’s always the chance of winning big at the end of it.

If you’re looking to get into betting this season, you should definitely check out Yobetit

They’ve got betting open on all matches for the English Premier League, kicking off on Friday 9th August with Liverpool playing against Norwich City. So if you feel strongly about a certain team’s chances of winning, or just want to try betting out, you know what to do.

Liverpool will be itching to take home the title this season  

A Champions League triumph provided plenty of solace for Liverpool fans, and you have to like their odds of prevailing in 2019-20, currently set at 3.6. However, Man City are currently ahead of them sitting at 1.5.

Yobetit offers over 40 different sports covering all the top Leagues

From Soccer to Basketball, Tennis to Formula 1 – you will find the best odds available. Place your bets early, or find excitement in live betting by heading to the ‘In Play’ section where you can view the live match details.

Betting with Yobetit is fast and reliable when using supported devices and browsers. From a smartphone to a desktop you can access the same secure and user-friendly website.  Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed secure gambling every single time.

What kind of football fan are you? Let us know in the comments below

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