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Superyacht Or Gold-Plated Toilet? Time To Start Planning – A €130 Million ‘Superdraw’ Is Coming To Malta

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Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about what I’d do with a million bucks. Cars, holidays, houses, smarter thoughts about investments… they all feature in one way or another. But it all gets impossibly harder to picture – and impossibly more amazing to live through – if you up that number by a couple of hundred million.

A EuroMillions Superdraw is coming to Malta, and we’re talking €130 million here

This rare phenomenon will actually be coinciding with an already great day for Malta – a public holiday on a Friday

That’s right; Sette Giugno will not only see islanders take a break from work for a long warm weekend of frolicking around, but one very lucky person could also be starting said weekend with millions in the bank.

EuroMillions’ Superdraws only happen a few times throughout the year, and they’re always at random, so you never know when the next one will drop. Which is exactly why you need to get your bets on.

And what would you realistically do with all the money? Buy a Maserati? Buy a massive villa and fill it with puppies? Buy a superyacht and travel the world? Buy a gold-plated toilet for the yacht? All of the above? Why the hell not?!

With a Maltese woman having already won €97,000 betting on the EuroMillions last summer, you should definitely not sleep on this amazing lottery

That’s right; last July, local player Maria from St. Julian’s was told she’d just won an insane €97,000 when she took home the third prize.

Matching five numbers, Maria couldn’t believe it when a Jackpot.com representative gave her the great news on the phone. Now how much more awesome would it be if you took home the big prize… maybe putting it all the way up to over one hundred million?

But how do you go about doing all of that from Malta?

The great thing about all this is that, thanks to Jackpot.com, you can very easily bet on the huge European lottery from the comfort of your own bed in Malta.

Basically, instead of buying a physical ticket (which is restricted to residents of participating countries), Jackpot.com offers players the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the lottery instead, with the same jackpot paid out if you win.

Fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, Jackpot.com have a knowledgable Customer Experience Team on hand to answer your questions.

Here’s how to do all that that, in three very easy steps.

Step 1: Head to Jackpot.com and select the EuroMillions from the list of available lotteries.

Step 2: Choose five numbers from 1 – 50 and two Lucky Stars from 1 – 12.

Step 3: Submit your numbers and if they match the draw, you’ll get the €130 million jackpot!

If a €130 million superdraw somehow doesn’t tickle your fancy, Jackpot.com are also offering betting on the US Powerball, the Irish Lotto, and a whole host of other mega-jackpots. But with a Sette Giugno Superdraw on the way, why wait? After all, it’s your best bet at filling that superyacht with puppies.

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