Survey: Where Should Europe Go From Here?

The EU is doing some soul-searching - this is the chance to have your say

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The European Union is at a crossroads. With one of its most prominent member states planning to sign the divorce papers thanks to the Brexit vote, the other countries are wondering what happens next. Should the EU tone down the aspects of itself that scared off British voters? Should it take advantage of Brexit to consolidate its powers and do more together? Is the infamous EU bureaucracy a result of too much power or too little? These are the questions the EU is grappling with until 2019, when Europeans will vote for the MEP elections. 

But until then, this is your chance to join the discussion and have your say about what you want Europe to look like in 2025. Sponsored by the European Commission's representation in Malta, the results of this anonymous survey will help stimulate a better understanding of the EU's future and how people want to shape it. 

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Chris Peregin