Surviving Maltese Summer: A Home Owner’s Guide

Here are eight tips to save energy and keep you breathing

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Summer in Malta is scorching. Air-conditioners are life savers, but they also drain electricity. Here are some handy tips to keep temperatures down without spending a fortune.

1. Insulate your house from the outside

Insulation is more of a requirement than an option. Without it, heat goes straight to your brick walls, which act as sweat-inducing conductors through the night. Insulation creates a barrier that can save you at least a month’s worth of air-conditioning in the beginning of summer. 

2. Cover your roof with awning or lawn-ing

If you live on the top floor, your roof is a big source of heat. Cover the roof with a canopy or some greenery and you’ll reduce the amount of heat reaching your house.

3. Insulate the house from within

When summer kicks in and you absolutely need to crack on the AC, you need to make sure you’re not losing your cool. Insulating from within will sort you out.

4. Double-glazed windows

Fairly basic but if you don’t have them, you’ll be losing cool fast. They also help with a bunch of other aspects such as reducing outdoor noise. Apply solar film to your glass to reduce the UV rays.

5. Wooden shutters

Wood shades your apertures from the sun. Create breathable shutters to allow air in without needing to expose your house to devilish heat.

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6. Ventilate

Clean your ventilators to make sure there's a breeze to circulate air even when all doors are closed - less heat, less humidity. It will also reduce condensation and mould

7. Expanded polystyrene on your roof

If you're still in building phase and you’ve got a roof to worry about, apply expanded polystyrene during construction stage between the roof slab and the kontrabejt (the last layer of the roof build up).

8. If you’re still buying…

If you're still looking to buy, try an old townhouse or quaint house of character with thick walls and high ceilings or a place with great ventilation and if you're really lucky, an internal courtyard. Don't opt for a place with massive glass panes facing the southern facing sun.

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Chris Peregin