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These Pet Pros Are Spoiling Malta’s Cats And Dogs With Boarding Kennels And Grooming Salons

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With all that’s been going down in the country this year, there comes a time where you need to take it upon yourself to take a step back and schedule in some relaxation time.

And although we love our furry friends sometimes we could use some time off.

Instead of choosing to lock yourself up at home to make sure that your four-legged friend is alive and well, we’ve got a great alternative in store for you.


Lino and Joanne Farrugia, the owners of Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels, are set to treat your pet to their very own version of a weekend break whilst you enjoy your well-needed vacation.

We know how difficult fussy pets can be.

After getting their first taste of human food they will accept nothing but the most carefully prepared homemade meal – but then again, who are we to deny them that?


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In light of this, the Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels team is ready to cater to any and all of your pet’s dietary requirements. So whatever treats they might need to satisfy their picky tummy, rest assured they’ll get it all at these kennels.

You can even choose to get your own supply of food for your pet, and one of the kennel’s team members will lovingly attend to their meals.

Got a medicated mutt?

Don’t you worry! Your pet’s health requirements will be met to, no matter what they might be. The staff at Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels is also experienced in taking care of, and catering to pets with a wide variety of health conditions – from epilepsy to diabetes.


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Whatever emergency may arise whilst you’re away, the kennel’s set to call upon some of the best veterinarians in the country to attend to your pet’s needs, after being granted your permission, of course.

So put your mind at rest, ‘cause Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels vows to be your pet’s second home.

Whilst the kennels are ready to provide your pets with all the necessary amenities – from blankets and beds, to toys and cushions – they do recommend you bring along some items your dog or cat is familiar with. This will help them better settle into this new environment and make their stay that teeny bit more enjoyable.


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Cleanliness and hygiene are at the top of the staff’s list of priorities. The premises themselves and any items provided by the team are disinfected with some of the best products on the market, ensuring your four-legged friend is kept safe and secure throughout their stay.

The kennels are also primed to house more than just cats and dogs. From budgies and parrots to guinea pigs and rabbits, they’ve all got a place at Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels.

Want to get your pet feeling the best they can?

The team behind Tat-Targa Boarding Kennels have also opened up their very own grooming parlour – and it looks to put your pets’ health and comfort first.


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Whatever opinion you might have of grooming, rest assured it’s not all about making your pet look great – it also ensures their well-being and good health.

Among other benefits, adequate grooming decreases the chance of your pet contracting a number of skin-related problems. This practice also makes it easier to identify any cuts or swellings which could be indicative of an illness.

So long story short, grooming your pet is pretty damn important!

Your pet’s comfort throughout the grooming process is of utmost importance, so the Tat-Targa Grooming Parlour team refrains from using any tranquillisers – rather it makes sure the process is executed as quickly and as gently as possible.


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Looking to learn more about Tat-Targa Kennels and Grooming Parlour?

Check out their website to get to know more about the huge range of products and services on offer.

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