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10 Things You Have To Do And See At Notte Bianca Tonight

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Notte Bianca comes but once a year. It closes the summer season with a spectacular bang, bringing people from all corners of the islands together to celebrate music, art, poetry, and generally the fact that there’s something awesome to do on a Saturday night.

Its known for its quality, its variety and its playfulness and this year’s edition is no exception. The 2016 programme is a wonderland of creative projects. 

We picked ten of the best. Just consider this your Notte Bianca Bible:

1. Nonotak & Cygna – lights and music

Nonotak Daydreamw 910


Nonotak light gurus will be showcasing their awesome light and sound art, followed by the other-worldly sounds of Cygna. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a transcendental vibe – this is where you need to be. 


Nonotak 20:30 and 23:00
Cygna 21:30 and 00:30


St.Elmo as part of DESIGN4DCITY

2. Ċikku il-Poplu at Serata Kamrata– community courtyard concert

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Ċikku l-Poplu’s satirical Maltese songs performed in a newly redecorated Camarata building – nice. In this Serata Kamrata, Ċikku’s unforgiving lyrics will be enhanced by Elementi’s interpretive dance on the concept of metamorphosis. Basically this is going to be strange. Delightfully strange.

19:00 onwards

Camarata Buildings Valletta

3. The Hot Club of Valletta – swing on the bastions

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Don’t actually, you might die. But do swing by St. Barbara’s Bastions to listen (and groove to) this awesome 1930s string band which will be playing on TOP of the Victoria gate. 

So basically, the musicians will be perched atop this historic structure transporting us into to the bohemian era of the 1930s gypsy jazz, with an insane view of our beloved Grand Harbour in the background. How’s that for creative use of space? Notte Bianca have really delivered on this one. 



St. Barbara’s Bastions on Victoria Gate

4. Fakawi and Xaralu’ – open auditions


Fakawi and Xarulu lead a live karaoke session with renditions of all-time favourite classic songs. And yes, you get to join in. It’s a ‘yes’ from us.


Fakawi 20:30-22:30 
Xaralu’ 22:45-00:45

In front of the Law Courts

5. Live art at Plaċier Diġitali – mid-air magic

Ezgif Com Crop 4

Ok this is going to be a visual mind-fuck – artists such as Inez Kristina, Ceaser and Luke Azzopardi, will be painting on air. Nope, not a typo. They will be creating works using Google Tilt Brush, with paint floating and glowing in the air. See it to believe it. 

All night

Old Mint Street, corner with Old Theatre Street

6. Ġejja Dgħajsa by Interactive Architecture Lab Valletta – paper love

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Walk through a street of floating paper boats in between shows. Interactive Architecture Lab Valletta have created an interactive installation that explores the meaning and symbolism attributed to boats. We think it will float yours. 

All night

Strait Street

7. Festa Festun – a feast of light

Festa Festun will be an interactive light installation by Andrew Schembri, which will allow the members of the public to control 1,000 individually addressable bulbs along republic street. A literal power trip.

All night

Republic Street

8. Żfin Malta at Kunċertun – clubbing with a difference

Zfin Malta

A collection of some of Malta’s finest bands will be taking the stage at St. George’s Square. Żfin Malta will be dancing the night away with DJ Niels Plotted Work on the decks.



St. George’s Square

9. Tina ‘Mast – interactive conducting

Giphy 3

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to become an adept band conductor? No, nor have we. But Notte Bianca have given us the opportunity to try it out anyway. 

One of the most beautiful Planċieri will be set up in Castille Square where the public will be invited to lead their own Maltese banda. You’ll also make your mark will in the History books with competitors La Vallette Band Club and King’s Own Bans Club playing on the same festa planċier.  



Castille Palace

10. Kanvaskarnival – unleash your inner Picasso

4742216773 C344000C29 B 2

Photo by Stuart Chapman

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic world of the Maltese Karnival and paint one of the traditional carnival floats. These will be also accompanied by a great show by the Big Friends Guggen Band and a vast of dance companies. 



St. Elmo’s Bastions

That’s it folks, a round-up of the most awesome stuff happening at tonight’s epic culture-fest. Want more details? Just visit the Notte Bianca Facebook page for live updates on everything going on at tonight’s event. 

We’ll see you there!

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