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The 7 Stages Of Watching Sports With Your Family In Malta

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Watching sports with your family is a somewhat sacred ritual here in Malta, and something that isn’t to be taken lightly. Whether you’re at your grandparent’s house to watch the football on a Sunday, supporting a family member in a local water polo match, or watching  the rugby final, some things never change.

Here are seven perpetual stages of watching sports with your family.

1. The Gathering

Whether its just you and your siblings emerging from your bedrooms after a day of avoiding each other, or your entire extended family rolling up at one house to watch together, the sesh always starts off in good spirit.

2. The Assembling

Once everyone has arrived, and the game is about to start, everyone assembles in front of the TV. And you know there’s going to be at least one argument about who gets to sit where based on the unspoken family hierarchy.

3. The Explaining

At one point during the game, a family member will ask a(n allegedly) stupid question, prompting the resident expert to explain the intricate details of the sport. Even if the question only really required a yes-or-no answer.

4. The Debating

As we reach the mid-point of the game, its likely only the real sports fans are actually still paying attention. By now, they’ve probably started engaging in unnecessarily dramatic and drawn-out debates about who the better team is, or why one sport is more enjoyable than the other.

5. The Hustling

It’s half-time, time to hassle and get stuff done quick to secure your seat in time for the second half. Answering texts, queueing for the bathroom, finishing an assignment, eating,  running out to smoke a cigarette… you’ve got a lot to do and not much time to do it in.

6. The Surrendering

By now, a couple of people have given up. They’ve submitted to the gravitational pull of their phones and are having the most intense Candy Crush game of their lives. There might even be a couple of people who have given in to the comfort of the sofa and nodded off.

7. The Vegetating

The game is over, but is anyone going to get off the sofa? Absolutely not. For at least half an hour you’ll remain seated, half asleep, making small talk and finishing off the food and drinks in front of you. Until one brave pioneer decides to get up and make a move, and you all follow suit.

It’s now easier than ever to watch sports on your TV thanks to Total Sports Network

A sports streaming platform available on Melita, TSN provides eight TV channels that stream all the international matches. From as little as €5 a month, Melita customers can get access to all the big games, from tennis to football to rugby, formula 1 and everything in between.



Melita visited a local beach where we dared fellow beach-goers to take possession of a football and play a quick game. New, VAR technology was implemented to re-assess fouls during the game, and it sure came in handy when Andrew Cohen and Stephen Wellman – two professional, local players – were fouled. However, instead of being penalised with the traditional red and yellow cards, players were shown a new ‘pink card’.

At end of play, players were rewarded with two free months of sports viewing on TSN – better than any participation certificate if you ask us.

To get your hands on a TSN subscription and never miss another game, click here.

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