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The 7 Types Of Maltese Men Who Wear Polo Shirts

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Maltese men and polo shirts seem to be magnetically attracted to each other, and with summer’s first days kicking off, we’re about to get way more of those sights. And if you thought there’s only one way to wear a polo shirt, you’d actually be wrong. Very wrong.

Lovin Malta have teamed up with United Colours of Benetton to bring you the seven types of Maltese men who wear polo shirts, where they’re most likely to be seen, and what they’re most likely to say. Which one are you?

1. The boat-owner

Whether it’s a tiny fishing boat or a giant yacht, this guy acts like the king of the sea. And he’ll definitely dress the part, in the marina and beyond.

The striped design is as nautical and unconventional as he’ll go, and that casual fit just screams, “I like to have fun, but I’m definitely better than you.”

Heck, he’ll probably also tell you that himself after he’s had a jug of Pimms.

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2. The academic

Haven’t you heard? University is for a couple of years but education is lifelong.

Always carrying around his trusty laptop (or book) and frequently seen on campus, the Maltese academic will school you on any subject.

He’ll need to dress sharply to be able to do it in style though, so he’ll button up his favourite polo shirt and get ready to own you.

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3. The hipster

He’s been here all along; you just didn’t notice him.

In a world of colour, he’ll always go for black, adding his own take to a classic piece.

Most likely to be seen at a gig in the middle of nowhere with only a handful of other people, the Maltese hipster will probably be the one complaining about how he used to wear polo shirts before they were cool.

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 At 13 00 55

4. The waterpolo player

It might be hot, but he’ll still throw a pastel-coloured polo on top of his most prized possession; his six-pack. That won’t stop him from rolling up his sleeves to give everyone a free (and involuntary) ticket to the gun show.

Of course, he’ll make up for it by only wearing his triangles or the shortest shorts he can find, roaming around the beach club winking at random people.

He won’t be able to stay too long though; he has a big match tomorrow, and he’ll make it a point to remind everyone about it.

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 At 13 00 09

5. The resident DJ

There’s a very good reason you’re back here and enjoying it, and he’s the reason.

Making sure to please regulars and newcomers at the same time, the resident DJ is a free spirit who’ll add his own spin to a classic polo shirt.

If there’s a new venue making the rounds on the island, you’re more than likely to see him right there, telling people how this place will soon blow up with the scene.

Screen Shot 2018 06 27 At 16 27 26

6. The party starter

Fact: the party doesn’t start until this guy walks in.

With a wide smile on his face and the flashiest colour available, he’ll show up fashionably late and ready to kick things off. And it’s a good thing he’s here, because everyone’s already good to go.

If you hear someone suggesting another tray of shooters, it’s bound to be him.

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7. The preppy kid

Instagram is his playground, and his daddy’s office is not his workplace. But he’ll try to convince everyone it is anyway.

Most likely to be seen anywhere normal people can’t afford to even look at, you better not cross this guy. If you do, get ready to hear him tell you how hard his daddy is going to sue you.

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Tag someone who’s definitely one of these guys!

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