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The Evolution Of The Maltese Gamer

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If you grew up playing video games in Malta, you’ve probably witnessed a crazy shift in the way gaming works now versus how it worked in 1995. From hosting Mario Kart parties at home to literally immersing yourself inside a virtual reality version of Skyrim, you’ve tried it all.

We’re throwing it way back to the beginning of your evolution as a gamer, just to see how far we’ve come.

1. The first time you held a single player game in your hand

You weren’t old enough to own your own Gameboy, so it was probably some free archaic Tetris game that just looked like a gaming console. That doesn’t mean you didn’t instantly get addicted.

2. You finally get your own Gameboy

And you sneak it into your school bag so that you and your friends can play Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby during break.

3. Going to your cousins’ house to play PS1

They’re older than you so they have all the games, and sometimes they let you play their favourite ones.

4. You convince your parents to buy you your own PS2

But ONLY if you pass all your exams!

5. Using your first smart card grant to buy the newest console

You probably have to sell your PS2 to afford it, but it’s old news anyway.

6. Inviting your friends over for a game of tennis

Wii Tennis that is. But you only really play tennis for five minutes, and then you move on to Mario Kart because its less tiring.

7. Buying a game and finishing the whole thing in one day

You bought the Crash Bandicoot reboot and feel like a pro compared to when you were seven years old and didn’t know what the heck you were doing.

8. You consider going pro

‘I’m not bad at PUBG.. tgħid, nipprova?’

9. You feel old when you see all the new tech that kids are playing with now

What’s a fortnite? And why doesn’t that console need a controller?

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed though, is the thrill of gaming on any platform. And if you want to experience that thrill on a large scale, The GO Malta Esports Festival is the event for you.

Show Malta’s gamers what you’ve got… and win thousands in the process

With various game tournaments, a mix of local pros and international teams will be seeing impressive prize pools being offered to the top gamers, and it’ll be happening on the main stage in front of hundreds of people… not to mention tens of thousands of online spectators!

We have two casual area tickets to give away!

And they’re worth €25 each. All you have to do to be in the chance of winning is tag a friend in the comments below!

Tag a friend you want to take with you to this festival!

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