The Great Maltese Cake-Off: Lovin Malta Takes Up A Delicious Six Ingredient Challenge

We went head to head in the ultimate office cake-off!

Foster Clark Cake Off

‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’. Yes we bloody can, all six of them. Let me explain.

We reenacted our own version of the Great British Bake-Off at Lovin Malta HQ and I (the British Foodie of the team) got to be the judge. I of course accepted; how could I ever say no to cake for breakfast?

Six team members went head to head at our Great Maltese Cake-Off, to create the perfect cake using one ingredient from the Foster Clark’s baking range plus only five other ingredients of their choice.

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Not wanting to be biased (or hated), I asked to be kept in the dark about who made which cake. The competition was as fierce as Rihanna.

When the cakes were prepped, I rolled up my sleeves and opened my appetite. It was time to eat cakes and judge!

Cake 1: Johann's 'The Lovin'


First up was ‘The Lovin’ - a lip-smacking velvety chocolate cake which wasn’t too sugary.

Johann decorated his cake in the style of our logo (A+ for creativity on that front) using Foster Clark’s bright red food colouring.

Cake 2: Kira's Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake


I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Kira’s Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake was a treat for the eyes and tastebuds. The crumbly buttery base had a decent enough consistency which complemented the Strawberry Jelly (which is suitable for veggies) really well.

Aesthetically, it reminded me of something you'd find at a tea party in Alice in Wonderland.

CAKE 3: Matthew's Apple Tart Tatin


Matthew whipped my palate into shape with his delicate Apple Tart Tartin - topped with maple whipped cream for extra whipping.

It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it’d be and it was the kinda cake your grandma would make (I think he made enough for the week!).

The apples were perfectly caramelised and the cloud-like whipped cream added a play on textures.

CAKE 4: Sandie's Fruity Crumble Custard Cake


I’m not going to lie, I don’t like custard but I’m *ahem* professional enough to be objective.

Sandie had never made custard before but decided to make a simple custard cake with icing sugar and fruits... to then find that she had no icing sugar at home. Instead, she conjured up her Fruity Crumble Custard Cake aka a crumbled meringue with a real rustic feel.

Foster Clark's Custard Powder is perfect for quick custard-making from scratch.

Cake 5: Bettina's Strawberry Spongecake


Bettina's Strawberry Spongecake was a firm favourite in terms of taste.

She didn’t overdo it with her star ingredient - the strawberry jam - but wasn’t stingy with it either. On the whole, it was simple and not overly sweet.

Cake 6. Rachel's Hippo Vanilla Cupcakes


Oh Rachel, you’re baking me crazy!

Thanks so much for your perfectly-presented Hippo Hungry style cupcakes. They gave me life and were fluffy AF. The subtle aroma and powerful taste of the vanilla essence nailed it.

Also… just look at how cute they were.

MY WINNER: Johann's The Lovin

OK, so, I’m slowly coming down from a sugar rush as I’m typing this so let me just finish by saying that Foster Clark's sure know their (baking) stuff and are pros at providing everything you need to ensure some show-stopping cakes and breads.

Desserts spelt backwards is stressed but you won’t be if you buy their magic baking ingredients.... Unless you ruin things in the kitchen of course (we can’t help you there).

Johann's The Lovin just takes the top spot for me, and deserves first place thanks to everything from its addictive chocolatey taste to its on-brand presentation.

And BTW, 2 Foster Clark's jam jars come at 50c off!

Which cake did you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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