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‘The Great Tattoo University’: How To Become A Tattoo Artist In Malta

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Whether you got your first tattoo at the age of 18 and successfully hid it from your family for an entire three weeks, or were covered head to toe a year after getting poked for the first time; if you’re reading this article you’re probably interested in tattoos.

You’re probably so interested that you’re considering a career in the world of tattoo artistry. And if that’s the case, you need to know about Positive Vibrations in San Gwann.

Not only is Positive Vibrations a super cool tattoo studio, they also offer courses on tattooing

And we caught up with the mind behind the studio, Jean Paul Attard, to get an insight on what their courses look like.

The main course at Positive Vibrations covers everything from hygiene to individual style to the business aspect of the tattoo industry. Jean Paul is also the only person in Malta to give individual, one on one courses.

One on one, as Jean Paul believes that his undivided attention is where the true value lies.

Posvibes Student 1

The course lasts roughly two months, and there’s also an ‘advanced course’ option for those individuals who might already know the basics or want to push themselves a bit.

Students will get to watch the master at work as Jean Paul show them how its done by tattooing in front of them. Close observation is of the utmost importance, to ensure a close relationship where students can ask questions directly. They’ll also be encouraged to explore different illustration styles and develop their own unique and signature tattooing style.

Jean Paul is a master of several different styles

Which means he’s able to guide students very closely, but without infringing on their developing style with his own. Whatever style you choose, you will be given all the technical information you need.

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And it doesn’t stop at training; the studio is looking to recruit new artists.

Positive Vibrations has secured positions for several students in other tattoo studios while also fully supporting many to open their own studios.

There has never been a better time to book a course with positive vibrations as they are looking for a team member.

Posvibes Graduates
Screen Shot 2019 05 17 At 13 07 40

So if you, or someone you know, are interested in learning how to become a tattoo artist; make sure to check out Positive Vibrations!

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