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A €130 Million Lottery Is Here And Malta’s Got A Shot At Winning All Of It

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One of the biggest lottery events in Europe is here and everyone is a favourite to win.

The EuroMillions Superdraw only comes around once in a blue moon, but when it does all eyes are on it and the unfathomable €130 million jackpot prize waiting to be snatched up by one lucky winner.

While common perception has it that there is only one jackpot winner, the EuroMillions Superdraw is much more generous and offers 12 prize divisions that are up for grabs.

One thing is for sure, winners are guaranteed a nine-figure jackpot and that someone might very well be Maltese…

That’s because, while Maltese people can’t purchase a physical ticket, they can still try their luck at the EuroMillions Superdraw by purchasing one online…

Via one of the leading online ticket courier services, theLotter.com.

That means you can head over to the website right now, purchase a ticket and be in with the chance to win €130 million… all within the space of five minutes.

But, how do you play the EuroMillions?

Don’t worry, because it’s way easier than you think… and it’s kinda fun too.

Once you’ve created an account and purchased a ticket from theLotter.com, you’ll then need to choose five main numbers from 1-50, as well as two additional numbers, known as Lucky Stars, between 1-12.

And that’s it!

TheLotter will take care of the rest by purchasing the official EuroMillions ticket on your behalf and storing your ticket somewhere safe for if, and when, it wins.

The best part of it all is that you’ll be notified automatically if you win, so even if you forget, there’s no chance of you losing out.

And after all of that’s done, theLotter.com won’t take even a cent of your winnings, leaving you to enjoy all of the €130 million prize.

You’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Friday 25th. Until then, make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to theLotter.com.

You might just become Malta’s next millionaire!

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