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€130 Million Is In Reach For Someone In Malta With This Nine Figure Jackpot Prize

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One moment is all it takes to change your life. And this week, one person in Malta could very well be the lucky winner of one of Europe’s biggest jackpot prizes!

A life-altering and mouth-watering €130,000,000 is up for grabs in the EuroMillions Superdraw this Friday 20th November! Yes, that’s nine digits on your screen – enough to make the top one per cent look twice.

What would you do with the nine-figure some? Would you go out of your way to use the money to improve your community?

That’s what one EuroMillions winner did with the amazing jackpot! Steve Thomson bagged a whopping £105million in the EuroMillions jackpot but used a large part of the sum to help his hometown.

Here’s hoping that you…or any other future winner in Malta would do the same. We all know that this country is in dire need of some TLC! With some much up for grabs, you can save your community and keep plenty for yourself!

And even though the heart of this behemoth lottery is thousands of kilometres away, Maltese people can still win a big chunk of the pie… or the whole pie itself!

So face off against the rest of the EU for the life-changing jackpot and head over to theLotter.com and make your ticket purchase there… after you’ve signed up and made an account, of course.

In fact, you’re guaranteed the utmost safety and security with theLotter.com with the site uploading a copy of your entries to your account and safeguarding your paper tickets. You’re also provided with the luxury of purchasing tickets from the comfort of your home and phone.

Once your account has been set up, simply fill out your entries including your five main numbers in a 1-50 guess range, as well as two additional numbers, known as the Lucky Stars, in a 1-12 guess range.

It’s really as simple as that – if you win, you’ll be notified via SMS or email – and you’ll become Malta’s next millionaire.


It’s like Christmas has come early… except this is way better.

The last three EuroMillions Superdraws went to the Spaniards but now it’s time for the Maltese to step up their game. Even if you’re not Maltese, but are residing in the country, you still have an equal chance of winning as anyone else. It’s time to put the archipelago on the map!

The biggest prize to win this festive season is this Friday. Head over to theLotter.com to be in with the chance of winning millions.

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