Things We All Remember From The 2000s In Malta

Equal parts nostalgia, equal parts cringe

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Now that we're steadily (and perhaps too quickly for some) approaching a solid decade between us and the 00s, Noughties Nostalgia has become a very real and very strong prevailing feeling. 

The upcoming Bring It Back relaunch party made us want to look back at what made the last decade special, so here are some of the most iconic moments from the Noughties in Malta which still continue to tug at our heartstrings. 

1. The golden years of clubbing

Places, Sugar Shake, Bamboo, Footloose, 7 Rooms, Brass Monkey, Empire and the legendary Bar Funk were all at their peak in the 00s, which meant everyone had their fair share of choices on where to go for a great night out. Whether you were a rocker in search for a haunt or a raver dying for an insane laser show at the iconic Axis (with a queue that actually started out of Paceville), the Noughties had you sorted.

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2. Pre and post drinking heaven

Places like Peppermint, Coconut, Sabor, The Alley, Plush Brown's and Anvil were perfect for getting your drink on early before you hit the club, while Simon's, Pacinos, and Ed's Diner made sure you had enough grub in your stomach to wash the alcohol down at end of the night.

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3. Terrible drinks like Malibu Pineapple

For many people, the sudden influx of Maltese nightclubs also meant their very first forays into alcohol, and the 00s ended up giving birth to a number of drink trends. Cue the Malibu Pineapple (which looked like piss and arguably tasted like it too), or dirt cheap wine which was bought and quickly consumed on the steps opposite Axis or on the beach down the road. Of course, we can't forget the Vodka Red Bull revolution.

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4. Taking photos with an actual digital camera, not with your phone

Mobile phones were hardly a thing until the mid 00s, and even then, any integrated phone camera sucked. If you wanted your memories of the night to have more than four pixels, you were definitely better off bringing a digital camera along (which were still competing for all the megapixels). 

This lead to all the photos from the 00s to look exactly the same. You know the type; unedited, uploaded by bulk, and full of dust that the camera's flash caught mid-photo.

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5. Not being able to call people and having to use your Telecard 

The original lifeline to your family and friends. 

While the red Lm2 one was definitely the most popular one, there was always that one rich kid who carried around a dark blue Lm5 one. 

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6. The old yellow buses and the iconic Route 62

Beyond the classic old buses, Route 62 from Valletta to Paceville was definitely one for the history books. And of course, those historic 15c bus tickets!

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7. Thor's hammer in a phone

Released in 2000, the Nokia 3310 quickly went on to rule most of the decade. And even if Apple's first iPhone showed up towards the end of the Noughties and brought with it a smart phone revolution, thousands of people around Malta initially refused to switch from a phone which seemed to be actually indestructible

8. The tunes which were looped ad nauseam

The Noughties were definitely heavily lenient on dance music, with some epic bangers being released along the decade. Of course, EDM wasn't the only genre blowing up in the 00s, with genres like indie dominating the charts in their own right. One thing's for sure; the decade's greatest hits were looped incessantly. 

9. The cringeworthy fashion trends

Crimped hair, men looking like gelled hedgehogs, beaded wire headbands,  faux-sports gear t-shirts with huge numbers on the back, cowgirl shirts, bandanas, ruffled skirts, blonde highlights, long-sleeved tops that were meant to look like they had a t-shirt over them, silicone wristbands, the punk-emo aesthetic neckties... man, the Noughties had them all.

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If you want to relive all things Noughties for one night, grab your friends and head on down to Bring It Back, celebrating all things 00s at Gianpula on the 24th of June. Local legends like Armani, Jesmar, Julian Drury, Alvin Gee and Steve Caesar will be taking the stage to bring back the best of the Noughties. So what are you waiting for, book that babysitter, get the old klikka together and dust off your dancing shoes. 

The whole thing only costs €10 and tickets are up for sale online right now.

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Tag a friend you want to relive the Noughties with at Bring It Back to be in with a chance to win tickets for two.

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