Thirty Years On, This Maltese Restaurant Is Shaking Things Up With An Awesome Revamp

And it's got the X Factor

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To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Tal-Kaptan has revamped its menu and these innovative dishes are what you need to include on your foodie wish-list. From duck burgers to pistachio salmon, find out how you can win a meal for two and get the chance to try out these creative meals.

Tal-Kaptan first berthed on the Maltese shores in 1988, appearing first in Qawra and later opening a sister diner at the Valletta Waterfront. And now they've graced us with a new menu that you're going to want to sink your teeth in.

1. Get quacking on the mains

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Tal-Kaptan have gone bird-crazy and duck features in just about every section of the menu. Their tender seared duck breast and drum stick are sure mouth-waterers, but the ambitious pulled duck burger is what's caught our attention. Topped with cranberry jam and brie cheese, those eager to try something different are surely going to want to duck in and give this one a try.

If you're not ready to venture into unchartered waters, their steak egg with chips will satisfy your Sunday iklata needs. The Tal-Kaptan fish mains are where they really shine, with the pistachio-crusted fresh salmon topping our charts.

2. Fries, fries, fries

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We Maltese are shameless potato lovers, and Tal-Kaptan satisfies every one of our carb needs. Couple your meal with a side of roast or mashed potatoes or even a side of fries.

And not just your regular basic fries - sweet potato fries are on the menu, guys... as are truffle fries... and you get the option to add truffles to your sweet potato fries. We're melting.

3. Pizzas that give timeless tradition a modern twist

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The restaurant that our nanniet remember for its pizzas continue to be masters of coming up with insane toppings. They've stuck to the typical margherita, quattro stagioni, vegetarian, and capricciosa, but then they take it to a whole new level.

For the patriots, try the Maltija that comes with all things Malta; Maltese sausages, goat's cheese and black olives. The Kaptan Suncrest is the fisherman's dream with king prawn, mussels, and calamari rings. Meat lovers get a choice between a pulled pork variety with carmelised onions and BBQ sauce, or the Meat Feast which includes a meat heaven of minced beef, sausage, chicken and ham. And we want to try them all.

4. Their pasta dishes are just as varied

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The carnaroli risotto served with calamari and topped with lemon is where the chefs' skills with fish shine. They've also got paella and two versions home-made ravioli made in true Maltese style; one with rabbit-filling and the other filled with local ġbejna.

BONUS: head to the restaurant next week for the chance to sight an X Factor judge!

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