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This Is The Ultimate Package For First Time Buyers In Malta

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Getting your own place is serious business – you can start throwing wild parties whenever you want and cook all the fatty dishes you love, all in the comfort of your own home.

The thing is, when entering the housing market, you really need to have the right people on your side to help you figure out how to save some money and not end up spending thousands on a bath made out of gold because that’s what your hungover brain is telling you.

That’s where Frank Salt Real Estate come in.

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1. Frank Salt has hooked up with some awesome partners to give first time buyers amazing gifts

Are you ready for all the savings?

2. You can save up to €8,000 on home furnishings

Vella Falzon Home, in collaboration with Frank Salt, is giving first time buyers up to €8,000 in discounts based on spending in their stores on kitchens, home furnishings and many other products. That’s €8,000 you can spend on literally anything else that your heart desires.

3. As well as save up to 50% of your first year’s building insurance

You can reduce up to 50% of your first year’s building insurance with Gasan Mamo Insurance, which can sure come in handy.

4. You’ll also be saving up to €250 in notary fees

Along with your furnishings and insurance, you can save money on your notary fees. APS Bank will contribute up to €250 towards notarial fees issued by the notary of the client’s choice – nice!

5. And possibly even more on white goods

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even benefit from 35% discount on domestic white goods and 30% discount on lighting from ITC Ltd.

6. Combine all that with the government’s help, and you might be way closer to buying your first home than you realised

The Maltese government’s exemption on stamp duty of up to €150,000 for first time buyers could save you up to €5,250, this may well be the time to take that first step towards becoming a proud property owner.

7. Let’s be Frank, they really care about first time buyers

Frank Salt Real Estate’s stellar reputation comes from the fact that they work ethically and in line with their principles. They will be able to guide you through the sometimes rough waters that come along with buying a new home – and they’ll make sure you leave completely satisfied, and with enough money to begin saving up for that golden bath.

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