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Here’s What’s Going Down At This Epic 10-Day Online Arts Festival In Malta

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This year has shaken up the way we consume and enjoy the arts. And although we’ve had to give up physical events this year, it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t still appreciate music, fashion, performances and all things creative that keep life beautiful.

So while your November calendar might be a little empty, here’s a captivating series of events to get lost in without even leaving your home.

Festival Malta’s prestigious Three Palaces Festival is coming to your screens for 10 whole days.

It’s a young but established festival that presents rich, multi-disciplinary artistic excellence. Through its carefully curated line-up, Three Palaces will showcase fashion, film noir, classical and contemporary music, choral music, percussion and dance.

All this will be presented entirely from 6th to 15th November, against exquisite venues in both Malta and London, streamed on major platforms.

So without further ado, let’s see a rundown of the anticipated performances.

Day 1: Transformations and Translations (6th November)

If fashion is your thing, look no further. The festival kicks off with a multi-disciplinary fashion show directly by one of Malta’s boundary-breaking courtiers Luke Azzopardi. It explores the ways history can be revisited, dismantled and reassembled to produce fresh narratives.


Day 2: Re-imaginings (7th November)

Next, award-winning ORA singers will present a virtual concert, showcasing choral renaissance masterpieces re-imagined through contemporary reflections. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of serenading music that still inspires centuries on.


Day 3: Powerplant (8th November)

Powerplant is the child of the talent British percussionist Joby Burgess. It’s a potent collaboration of Births artists, fusing minimalism and electronica with vivid original video.

Day 4: L’Isle Adam Choir books (9th November)

Now it’s time for some local history. L’Isle Adam Choir Books centres around Malta’s landmark musical and liturgical collection in St. John’s Co-Cathedral. Its curator will present the precious heritage left to us by the Knights of St. John while Therese Zammit Lupi will speak of the L’Isle Adam manuscript, which are illuminated French choir books. Que beau!

Day 5: Heiligenstadt … Another World Inside (10th November)

Next, it’s time to get lost in an internal soundworld. “Another World Inside” takes us through a plethora of internal sounds, silences and noise. Drawing on the theme of isolation, it’s an interdisciplinary work inspired by Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament, together with the ghost of his raging Grosse Fuge, creating a new “space”.


Day 6: Chamber Music at the Palace (11th November)

Is classic music more your cup of tea? Day six will see violinist Marcelline Agius join Nadia Debono on viola and Michael Laus on a piano to perform trios by Shostakovich and Bruch – a recital in collaboration with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.


Day 7: Out of the Cage (12th November)

This daring, experimental project is a cycle of seven creative videos featuring pianist Tricia Dawn Williams and composer/ video artist Ruben Zahra. The majority of the visuals were produced during the pandemic.


<h2 class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>Day 8: The Forgotten Fragments of a Symphony of Horror (13th November)</span></h2>
<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>The next set of performances kicks off with an exciting new way to appreciate how music can help in rediscovering a silent movie masterpiece. Making full use of video and sound technology, this live documentary-style programme takes an intimate one-on-one view of the creative processes. </span></p>

Day 9: Coriolan Overture (14th November)

Malta’s finest musicians in The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a Beethoven masterpiece – Coriolan Overture. A perfect ode to celebrate the 250th birth anniversary of Beethoven.

Day 10: Giants of Jazz – Ronnie Scott’s All Stars (15th November)

This is a whistlestop tour through the last 100 years of Jazz. Starting in the early roots with The Original Dixieland Jazz Band the film follows on through the golden age of swing with music by Benny Goodman, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

With all these top-notch performances, there’s bound to be something at the Three Palaces Festival for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned classical music lover, prefer some experimental electronic or rather a beautiful film to remind you of Malta’s historic gems.

So sit back, relax and gather your family or housemates for nearly two weeks of exquisite events for you to enjoy.

Thank you Three Palaces Festival for reminding us that even when things seem tough, art will always be there to transport us to better places.

The festival events can be accessed for free and are accessible online through their facebook page or youtube page.

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