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Calling Malta’s Foodies! Get Rewarded In Credits With Every Single Bite On This App

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From a polarising presidential election to a worldwide pandemic, it honestly feels like 2020’s been trying its hardest to tear us apart. In spite of all this, there is and always will be one thing that will unite us against all odds – food.

And whilst we might not all feel comfortable heading out to grab a bite of our favourite grub during these trying times, nothing’s stopping us from getting that food delivered straight to our doors.


That’s where the pioneers of food delivery in Malta Time to Eat come in.

This Maltese company is willing to deliver your favourite dishes and so much more straight to your door – so here’s a whole list of gifts and perks you can benefit from when using this nifty app.

1. Get cash back with every order

Yep, you read that right.

Time to Eat is giving back to its loyal customers with its awesome Cashback reward program. Every single time you place an order, you will be filling up your Cashback Bar which, once filled, will be exchanged for Time to Eat credit. Learn more about this offer right here.

2. Treat yourself to an early-morning breakfast


Bet you didn’t know Time to Eat is the only 24/7 app on Malta’s market.

With this app, you can order food from Estilo in St Julian’s 24 hours a day – so no matter when hunger hits, rest assured Time to Eat’s got you covered. The delivery team’s opening hours have also changed to start at 7am from Monday through Sunday; convenient and delicious.

3. Get your hands on some McCafe goodies

Both McDonald’s and McCafe are now available on the Time to Eat app – so whether you’re in the mood for hash browns or craving some cookies, it’s all up for grabs. The app’s Cashback feature also works on these two outlets, meaning that being a McDonald’s fanatic can finally pay off.

4. Feed your lovely employees working from home


With Time to Eat’s corporate accounts scheme, employers can treat their employees working from home to some food vouchers redeemable from this app. Vouchers do not expire and can be of any amount – so employers can feel free to pay for whatever suits their budget.

5. Free delivery from Sliema and St Julian’s


All restaurants on the Time to Eat app situated in Sliema and St Julian’s are offering free delivery to their customers for the first two kilometres of their journey. With Time to Eat, you won’t have to worry too much about going over budget.

Create your own Time to Eat account for free right here. Download the app on the App Store or Play Store to start benefitting from these awesome offers.

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