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Pamper Your Pooch! Top Quality Pet Food In Malta Is Getting More Affordable

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You are what you eat is a phrase that doesn’t just apply to you; it applies to your pet too.

When it comes to our furry babies, pet parents like to make sure that they’re fed the best possible food and pampered in every way possible, using the best products. Why? Simply because they truly deserve it.

Your pet’s health all starts with what they eat. It’s important nowadays to know what your pet needs nutrition-wise and where you can find it.

With high-quality pet food and treats alongside toys, supplements, beds, clothes and pretty much any pet essential out there, shopping at Apple4Pets means your beloved furry partner gets the very best out there.

Apple4Pets has launched a new online store where you can buy all types of healthy and functional foods for your pet as well as toys and supplements. Pet parents will be over the moon to know that the online store has a wide range of everything your pet needs.

Have you ever really thought of what you are feeding your furry child? While we can be allured by nice packaging, it’s what is inside that counts. You’d never eat food with unidentified, unnatural ingredients, so why would you give it to your pups? All food should be human-grade food, like every product handpicked at Apple4Pets.

What’s even better is that they can deliver bags upon bags of the premium product right to your door, week after week with their repeat order service.

Once you’ve decided which bag of raw or dry food is most suitable for your pet, you can set it up on repeat orders and you’ll never have to worry about stockpiling or filling your freezer.

Those who choose to repeat orders will also get the luxury of buying their food cheaper with a points system to reward the store’s loyal customers.

And it’s not just those who get repeated orders that benefit from a points system, pretty much anyone who buys anything from Apple4Pets will. In fact, all Apple4Pets rewards everyone who trusts in their products as customers are gifted with a €5 referral code after every purchase. And they don’t stop at that, when you spend €50 you get back €5.

That’s right; refer your fellow pet parents to this new one-stop online shop and you instantly benefit from a scheme that will reward you with even more affordable high-quality food. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more affordable pet food of this quality on the Maltese islands.

The online pet store is managed by pet lovers themselves which means everything they stock up on is hand-chosen by an expert with a keen eye on quality. Essentially, they’ll only stock up on products that they would give to their own pets.

Aside from top quality food from brands like Su-Bridge, Purely Fish, Alleva, Alpha Spirit, Nutriment Raw, and Pooch and Mutt you will also find natural supplements and remedies from Aniforte and Dorwest, toys from Outward Hound, Pet Stages, and Planet Dog as well as Amigo Cat Litter, CannaDog, Golden Paste, HiK9, Max and Molly,  Uniwalker, Diusapet Alleva and lastly Bogar Pet Care.

You will even find a raw food weight calculator integrated on the website when ordering raw food from Nutriment to help you choose what you need, depending on the size of your dog or cat.

Shopping at Apple4Pets is truly a great experience, both for you and your pet, and to make it even better, Apple4Pets have a coupon code for you: LOVINPETS which will get you a 20% discount!

Not only are you investing in the health of your pet but you are also getting a chance to see what the online store truly has to offer, and what’s better is that all foods stocked by Apple4Pets are natural and prepared by pet nutritionists with total and complete traceability.

An investment in your pet’s future is an investment in your future and we all know there’s no taking shortcuts in both. Check out Apple4pets’ website now or call on 23850723 to schedule a call with one of their in-house specialists who can walk you through the whole process. It’s time to spoil your perfect pooch or cute cat rotten!

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