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Here’s Why You Should Join The Malta Team Of One Of The UK’s Best Companies To Work For

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How would you like to work at a FinTech company which is so first-rate that it has actually been recognised as one of the best 30 in the business in the UK?

Fresh off winning this prestigious “Best Companies to Work For” award last month, Trust Payments is on the hunt for several new recruits internationally.

And that includes its offices in Birkirkara, Malta.

Trust Payments is in the business of providing quality payment solutions to companies and if you’re thinking about finding a new job, here are eight advantages of joining the team.

1. You’ll be joining a truly global team

Trust Payments was only formed a few years ago but it already has offices around the world – from the UK and Ireland to the United States, Spain, Singapore… and of course Malta, whose team has over 100 employees.

The Maltese company is focussed on offering card acquiring services in both the online and the POS sales channels, and is searching for employees with experience in underwriting, fraud, risk, sales, compliance, and English-speaking customer support.

While you’ll be based in Malta, you’ll also be able to connect with your colleagues overseas, allowing you to learn from their experiences. 

2. It takes mental health and self-development extremely seriously

This isn’t just a buzzword to make itself sound nice on paper. Trust Payments has actually enlisted a global team of mental health first-aid volunteers for each office, including the Malta one.

These volunteers are fully trained to spot signs of workplace discomfort and will be on hand to offer a listening ear and suggest more professional support if necessary.

If that wasn’t enough, Trust Payments go the extra mile to encourage a healthy work-life balance by giving their staff one hour a week to focus on self-development (over and above the regular breaks). This time could be spent in a yoga class, a fitness session, a motivational talk, a webinar, you name it.

Their efforts persisted when the team went fully remote during the pandemic too, with staff offered sessions in yoga, fitness, nutrition, breathing exercises and positive thinking sessions.

3. A very approachable leadership team

Although Trust Payments is quite large in company terms, its management doesn’t view this as an excuse to distance itself from newbies. Once you join the team, the global executive committee will take time out to meet you and welcome you on board, and they will make themselves available afterwards if you have any questions.

Trust Payments pride themselves on utilising a flat hierarchy, meaning there isn’t much middle management between the people at the top and the staff and decisions get taken more quickly.

4. Its family-friendly policies go over and above the legal obligations

While companies are obliged by law to offer new mothers 14 weeks paid maternity leave, Trust Payments goes a step beyond and offers them 18 weeks.

If the mothers wish, they can actually extend their leave by up to 12 months, which means they will be able to dedicate an entire year to their newborn or newly-adopted child and still have a job waiting for them at the end.

The company also offers five days bereavement leave on the occasion of the death of a close relative, above the solitary one day offered by law.  

5. Several benefits are offered to all employees

Trust Payments offers its staff extremely comprehensive health and dental insurance, covering everything from vision tests and cancer screening to homeopathy and acupuncture. Life insurance is also offered in case the worst were to happen to an employee.

As a smaller, but certainly extremely useful, benefit, parking is available for staff at their Birkirkara office, which will save you precious commuting time. 

6. It’s a company that truly cares about the environment

Trust Payments takes its social corporate responsibility towards the environment so seriously that it has actually set up a ‘Green Team’ in Malta to find ways the company can reduce its carbon footprint and organise pro-environment events.

Such events include a recent clean-up at Xemxija Bay, in collaboration with the No To Plastics Malta, on the occasion of World Ocean Day.  

During quasi-lockdown, when team events were not possible, the company actually mailed seeds to all its staff to encourage them to reconnect with nature at home.

7. Your career will progress

Although you will join the company in a specific job, that in no way means you will be tied down to that position for the duration of your time at the company.

Trust Payments realises how important career progression is to individuals and carries our regular performance evaluations with its staff to help carve out their career paths. Most of their promotions are filled internally too, a clear motivator to work hard. 

8. It recently won some major UK workplace awards

Once again, it must be stressed that Trust Payments was recently awarded three accolades in the 2021 Best Companies to Work for honours.

It was recognised as one of the best 30 financial services companies to work for, one of London’s top 75 large companies to work for and one of Wales’ top 30 companies to work for.

This would be an impressive feat for any company but for a company which has only been around for such a short time and which had to face a pandemic soon after going into business, it’s nothing short of remarkable.

Trust Payments’ Malta CEO Steve Grech has said the awards were won thanks to the company’s staff and the culture they have managed to create. In his words, they “go above and beyond to put customers first, while ensuring that employees can work in a healthy and positive environment which has resulted in a strong culture of teamwork, passion and energy”.

It certainly looks as though the future is bright for this young FinTech company, and now is your chance to jump on board!

Currently available jobs can be found through this link.

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