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Protein Pizzas To Macro Menus: Here’s 7 Ways To Fuel Your Lunch Break In Malta

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Refuelling during a one-hour lunch break can seem like a challenging task with most of us resorting to unhealthy meals for that midday fix. Now, one Malta-based eatery is dishing out delicious, guilt-free meals that will you give you that much-needed afternoon boost. 

Fuel & Co is a local concept that does what it says on the tin, providing healthy food and shakes that are free from all those pesky added ingredients like oils and sugars to turbo-boost your energy levels when you need them most.

And the best part is – Fuel & Co doesn’t overcomplicate what’s healthy, focusing on providing nutritional food with easy-to-read information so that you can always make the best decision for their bodies.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or need to follow specific diets, Fuel & Co is the lunch-time one-stop-shop that’s tailored for you. Their meals are Macro counted too so you know you’re getting a balanced dish every single time!

So what’s a macro meal you might ask?

A macro meal is a meal that balances the right amount of macronutrients your body needs to get you through the day. There are three categories of nutrients to consider: protein, carbohydrates and fats. So when you’re counting your macros, you’re counting the grams of proteins, carbs and fats per meal! With Fuel & Co they do all the counting for you…easy.

Here are seven easy ways to fuel your lunch break:

1. Protein Pizza

With Italy just a stone’s throw away, there’s one dish that’s worth ditching any diet for… pizza.

Throwing away all your good work for a bite of that cheesy, tomato goodness can be far too easy. Luckily,  Fuel & Co’s protein pizza solves that dilemma.

And better yet, Fuel and Co’s menu lets you take control and build the pizza for yourself – from its base to its sauce, cheese, toppings, and seasoning. Mamma Mia indeed.

2. Fuel Max Shakes

It may seem strange but a liquid lunch is a perfect way to refuel for the afternoon and ease any cravings when you’re on the go.

Fuel & Co only uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients, meaning that their delicious shakes pack a punch in the flavour and health department – all while filling you up.

Nowhere is this clearer with their Immunity Fuel Max shake – an unbeatable combo of milk, banana, ginger, matcha, baby spinach, mixed nut butter, and whey protein which guarantees all the health benefits while still being substantial enough for lunch.


3. And you can get it right to your door!

Sometimes workdays can be so hectic that even stepping out for your well-deserved lunch can seem like a major time waster.

Fuel & Co makes sure that it caters to everyone on the island and its delivery menu can turn your workspace, whether that’s in an office or at home, into a restaurant fit for any critic.

Its delivery menu is tasty and healthy AF with mouthwatering options like delicious tortillas and incredible bowls.

4. Vegans can get on the action too

Fuel and Co prides itself on catering to many diets from keto to low-fat options, but this amazing eatery’s vegan options truly stand out.

Better yet – Fuel & Co offers delectable sharing menus, no more so than its vegan offering – which might just convert some of the most avid meat-eaters on the island.

What better way than to fill your stomachs and prove to the office that vegan can be delicious than with their pulled vegan tacos!

5. And the A La Carte menu is next level

A good break from the office can be crucial to the rest of your workday. Luckily, Fuel & Co’s home in Mosta can be your new spot to fill up while shaping up. 

And their a la carte menu just makes going there all the sweeter!

There’s some more good news for vegans – with Fuel and Co’s meatless truffle burger a stand out among the options. 

But there’s something for everyone – and each option is tastier than the last – from keto burgers to falafel sliders.

6. It turns brunch into a full-day boost

Brunch, most of the time, is an unhealthy affair with all of us all too willing to scoff down anything on offer, despite serious concerns. 

With bacon, sausages, and all the sweets on display, staying healthy during brunch can be an arduous challenge. 

That’s where Fuel and Co step in. Its entire brunch selection is a what’s what of brunch options that will brighten up your day without widening your belly. 

The Feta and Spinach Frittata is a stand-out – but some mouthwatering bakes, loaves, and brioches mean that everyone can get their pick. 

7. And who can forget the sweets?

Up until a few years ago, we were all fooled into thinking that something delicious cannot be healthy.

Fuel & Co’s sweet menu is quietly disproving that misconception.

Whether it’s a blueberry protein bake, vegan brownie, banana and honey protein loaf, or a maxed-up fuel bowl – Fuel & Co is redefining what it means to be delicious and healthy.

So, whether you are looking for an awesome meal that’s great at keeping your body healthy, a lunchtime spot for nutritious meals, or just a place to pick up a delicious shake, Fuel & Co may be the place you’re looking for.

Many of you ask us 👀 "Why is fuel and co different than the rest of the healthy food chains?" Here goes your answer ☺️..#fuelyourbody #norefinedsugar #leanmeals

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