Vodafone Is Finally Launching Home Internet

And things are looking promising with their slogan being "it just works".

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One of Malta's holy trinity of mobile providers has finally joined the home internet party. Vodafone Malta have launched a new fixed internet service which is focused on one straightforward premise: stress-free functionality. 

Their campaign (cheekily named: It Just Works) stresses the importance of a hassle-free service which requires virtually no installation. The whole thing promises to be super sleek, starting from the actual hardware – even their modem design is on point.


'Installation' as we know it will be a thing of the past with this service. All of the following has been vetoed: 

  • Calling your provider to make an appointment with a technician.
  • Having to wait around four hours for them to arrive (sorry anyone who isn't a stay-at-home person).
  • Holes being drilled into your walls.
  • Kilometres of aerial wire lining the edges of your living room.
  • A technician travelling to and from your roof to your living room for about an hour while you look on like a lemon wondering at which moment you should say 'thanks and good day!" 

No. This is different. It's just one modem that plugs into a conventional electrical power socket.  

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The service is designed specifically to accommodate freelance workers, small households and offices. It's not a speed/data oriented service, it's a convenience oriented one. 

Meaning, if you want to spend hours playing League of Legends with your fellow online gamers – this might not be the service for you. If you want to experience glitch-free, consistently connected service – this is it.


This is what we like best about this launch: Vodafone is putting their money where their mouth is. They're offering their customers the chance to try their new internet service for two weeks before they are required to commit to a two-year commitment. Customers who are not satisfied can opt out of the service within the first two weeks and only pay for the number of days they’ve used it. 

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Oh and, apart from home internet, this new package also gives customers unlimited calls to all local landlines, and unlimited calls to Vodafone mobile numbers.


As an introductory offer, the new service is being offered at €30 a month for existing Vodafone customers and €35 a month for non-Vodafone customers. For this monthly fee users get download speeds of up to 30Mbps and upload speeds of up to 15Mbps within a monthly data limit of 350GB.

For more information on how to sign up for this new internet system set in your home, check out their website, or call the Vodafone Fixed Internet & Telephone Sales Team on 2099 5465.

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