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VOTE NOW: Which Of Malta’s Most Breathtaking Talents Should Win

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For the past five weeks Malta’s most eclectic talent show, illalluTube, has been flooded with clips that show off local talent; from the hysterical to the monumental.

Week after week the public voted for their favourites, and now the five weekly winners will be going head to head for a chance to win a place in the grand finale. And you’re the ones who will decide which two videos will proceed to the next round.

The voting will be happening via live video on their Facebook page, so… what are you waiting for?

What’s more you’ll get 1Gb FREE mobile internet upon voting for your favourite video if you’re on the Vodafone YU Student Plan. All you have to do is vote and send an SMS with your name and ‘illallu’ to 50915732 until 6pm this evening.

Click here to head to the live voting

And if you were looking for a reminder of the talent that is going head to head, here are the winners of the past five weeks.

Week 1: The Beer-Cake Baker

Week 2: The Strong Man

Week 3: The Soulful Singer

Week 4: The Acoustic Set

Week 5: Singing in Accents

After today’s vote, the two with the highest votes will be shown to the star judges, who will pick the ultimate winner. Taryn Mamo Cefai, Emmy Bezzina, Muxu, Stella Cini, Tezara… and of course Ms Nelly will all be deciding the winner of the whopping €4,000 and iPhone 7 plus.

So make sure you vote and give the best talent the surprise of a lifetime.

And while the five weekly winners have earned their place, here are a few other favorites that didn’t quite make it to the top.

1. The skateboarding dog

2. The epic skater

3. These flawless moves

4. The best way to get potassium in Malta

5. Combining hobbies to save time

6. This incredible artistic journey

Which was your favourite clip? Tell us in the comments!

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