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7 Painful Payment Moments When Going Contactless In Malta

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The future is here and banking needs to keep up. Long gone are the days where you have to insert your card into the machine and input your pin. Or at least they should be, but new advancements always come with some struggles. From boomers to faulty POS systems, here are 7 moments which make us question if going contactless is even worth it. 

1. When the shopkeeper takes your contactless card 

The whole point of a contactless card is to have absolutely no contact with another human being when you pay. So the sales person using your card for you defeats the whole purpose of contactless in the first place. You don’t need to touch my card and I don’t need to touch your machine, so why do you do this to me? 

2. When the bill is just over the contactless limit

Picture this: You’ve just found the outfit of your dreams with the perfect shoes to match. Everything fits you beautifully, you’re on your way to check out, happy with how quickly you found this outfit. All of your items have been rung up and you’re pulling out your contactless card to pay. So far, so good. Payment Declined. What? Why? The bill came out to €50.20, you’re over the contactless limit. By 20 cents… Guess you have to input your pin. 

3. When tapping and swiping won’t work

It’s so annoying when you try to make a contactless payment but the POS machine decides that it no longer accepts contactless payments. Ok fine, just swipe your card so you don’t have to touch anything. Nope, the POS machine doesn’t like that either. Okay, you just have to insert the card and pay the traditional way. 

4. When you have to reach a minimum payment

Popping into the shop for a chocolate bar and using your contactless card to pay simply won’t work. Most businesses and retailers have a minimum amount which needs to be reached for you to be able to pay contactless. That means you still need to have some change lying around in case you’re seriously craving a snack. 

5. When you have to reset your contactless limit

Minimum and maximum payment amounts are already annoying, but what makes switching to contactless that much harder is the fact that you have a limit to how much you can pay. You need to remember to reset your contactless limit whenever you reach a certain total of payments using your contactless card. This one isn’t the end of the world but it’s still really annoying. 

6. When your bank doesn’t even support contactless 

And for the cherry on the cake, there are still some bank providers which do not provide their clients with cards which have contactless chips. The biggest struggle of trying to go contactless is the fact that your bank is not helping you in making the shift. 

7. When you realise you’ve lost your card 

There’s no bigger pain then when you open your wallet and realise that you have lost your card. Your contactless card…  What happens if someone finds it and starts making payments with it? Now you have to call the bank and spend a day and a half on hold with them so that they can freeze your card. 

Say goodbye to all of your woes with wamo! 

wamo is a new way to pay and get paid. Forget your card, just use your phone for everything. All that you need to do is download the wamo app, register and get started. wamo can be found on both Google Play and the App Store meaning that both Android and iOS users have access to this cool new way to pay. 

What makes wamo even better is the fact that it is completely free and there are no hidden charges. 

Using it is really simple, just open up the app, point your phone at the QR code, and you’re done. You don’t need a bank account to have a wamo account as all payments and transactions will be sent directly to your account. 

This means that you have full control over all of your finances from one convenient location. 

There’s no minimum payment, no tapping and swiping. In fact, if you’re paying
via a wamo QRcode sticker, you won’t need to leave your table in the restaurant, chair at the salon or lounger by the pool anymore – just scan the sticker that’s in front of you and you’re done.

Soon you’ll wonder why anyone is still fishing around in their pockets and bags for their cards, when payments just got so phone-friendly.

Also, this is quite nice if you’re the sort of person who likes to support local businesses –you’ll know that using wamo to pay means that the business you’re buying from, doesn’t need to pay for a POS device so they can take payments and don’t have to pay a fee to use that device for every transaction. That way everyone’s a winner.

Tag someone who never knows where their card is! 

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