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WATCH: Adorable Maltese Kids Are Confused By The Price Of… Everything

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Here’s a general rule to get you through life – kids trying to understand ‘adult’ things will always be hilarious. A perfect example of this is Atlas Insurance’s latest video campaign, which sees six adorable Maltese children trying to guess how much random objects cost. 

To put you in the right frame of mind before jumping in, 7-year-old Zach described Munch’s The Scream as “the picture all wavy and stuff like that”. He also valued it at a whopping €21. 

Wavy And Stuff

But art valuation isn’t the only trick up these children’s sleeves – they’re also ready to conquer the real estate business. And when you consider the incredible deals they’ll give you on this luxury home you know they’re in for a stellar career.

Maxxy is looking at some serious comission on his €2,000 guess, while Zach appears to want this property off his listing ASAP as he’s selling at €79.

Luxury Home

And while Kate may have been the closest to guessing the luxury home’s price (being only €1,000,000 off the mark), I wouldn’t trust her with picking out your gadgets, not unless you’re looking to spend €15,000 on your next laptop!


Chloe on the other hand appears to be more of a Windows than an iOS kinda gal, as she sassily valued the Macbook at a measly €2. That’s some serious shade! #SideEye

Side Eye

And it turns out, despite all the misconceptions they had about the word ‘insurance’ (you can literally see their brains working as they register that this is a word adults use, but they’ve never really paid attention to its meaning), Ella nailed the description eloquently and succinctly. “Like, it takes care of what you have” #boom


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