WATCH: Awesome Documentary Of Maltese Man's Journey To Scotland To Find The Truest Scotch

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The name Dewar's and their world-famous scotch is now a household brand, but it wasn't always that way. In the late 1800s when John Dewar was still an up-and-coming entrepreneur, people only seemed interested in Irish Whisky and Cognac. But this didn't sit well with him, he wanted the Scotts to drink Scotch.

In this documentary Luke Mercieca goes on a journey to find out exactly why so many people have fallen in love with the taste of Dewar's over the years.


1. It's in the barrels

A fine scotch is one that has been aged well, and that aging process takes place in the large oak barrels. A good wood and a well-crafted barrel make all the difference in the final product.


2. It's in the water

Being one of the three main ingredients in Scotch, water is an essential part of the process. The documentary takes us to Pitilie Burn, which is the rich source of fresh water used in the blending.


3. It's in the process

The Dewar's family line has been consistently involved in production of their product from the very first generation. Growing from a small, local drink to being available in over 200 markets worldwide, the small town of Aberfaldy is still home to the production plant, and every barrel of scotch is aged under the careful eye of their master blender.


4. It's in the love

The town of Aberfeldy is proud of their historic connection to the Scotch. The people who work in the blending love being a part of something so historic. And anyone who knows their stuff loves drinking the final product.


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