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WATCH: Calling All Jobseekers And Employers! This Scheme Is Reigniting The Workforce In Malta

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Let’s face it, starting off the new year unemployed is difficult, even more so in the middle of a pandemic.

Whether you’ve been made redundant because of COVID-19, are fresh on the job market post-studies or simply can’t find work in these uncertain times, this government scheme will help you beat the jobless blues.

Introducing the Access 2 Employment Scheme by Jobsplus

What is it exactly?

Jobplus’ fresh new EU-funded project is perfect for employers looking to recruit people but are restrained to do so, and for those struggling to find work.

In simple terms, A2E is a grant-based scheme that gives employers a safety net to try out and offer jobs without the usual risk attached to it.

This is particularly useful for a labour market hit by COVID-19, with business owners less likely to invest in labour in uncertainty.

It is important to know that Jobsplus has extended the scheme to people who are not only unemployed but also to those employed and looking to change their situation – such as persons over 50, single adults or persons with disability.

As from 1st January 2021, the scheme is also available to employers who have newly employed individuals, meaning that employers and recruits alike can benefit from the scheme even if an individual has already been employed. Should the employer apply for the A2E scheme within one month of onboarding the employee, the scheme can be utilised. 

Thanks to A2E, Jobsplus will sponsor new recruits for a year, and in some case two years or even three years, providing ample time to try out possible team members and branch out without the added risk.

If you run a business and recruit new members to your team, you can benefit by receiving a subsidy of €104.50 per week per new employee, for up to 52 weeks. Depending on the target group, the subsidy can be offered for 104 weeks or 156 weeks.

Speaking of target groups, who is eligible?

There are many circumstances that could lead people to be idle in this work climate, so the A2E scheme covers a broad range of target groups.

1. It’s open to anyone 24 and over who have been unemployed or idle for the last six months.

This could include those made redundant in the face of COVID-19, working in bars, restaurants, gaming or any other field affected.

2. Those freshly finished from their studies but are struggling to find work.

So you’ve gone to University like everyone said you should, and now you’ve got a degree but no job. Now what? Maybe you’ve sent countless CVs but your dream workplace isn’t hiring at the moment. Drop them a line with the A2E scheme, it could help them be more open to bringing people like you onboard.

Perhaps you could also propose to do a work placement, with Jobsplus traineeship scheme first. On
successful completion of such placement, you’ll be eligible to apply for the A2E scheme too.

3. Single adults with dependents.

It’s hard enough providing for others with a single wage, even more so if you aren’t earning a full-time salary. If you’re struggling to make ends meet and have a family to provide for, be sure to check out this scheme because you’re most likely to be eligible.

4. Disabled persons.

Disabled persons are entitled to the same opportunities as everyone else under Maltese law. The A2E project could help find your ideal job. Under the scheme, disabled people are eligible for €156.50 for three years.

5. Under-qualified people.

Perhaps tertiary education wasn’t on your cards. The labour market may be the most competitive its ever been but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be entitled to a fulfilling job. Approach employers with the A2E scheme and show them why they should bring you on board permanently.

In a nutshell, the scheme seriously boosts your chances of getting into the labour market, despite the precariousness of the times we’re in. A2E will open a door for those furthest away from employment and promote growth with businesses. It’s a win-win!

It’s given on a first-come-first-served basis, so make sure you look into applying as soon as possible!

If you’re struggling to find work or want to employ more people but are financially constrained, this scheme could be the solution.

If you have a company, family business, association or NGO look into adding more talent to your team with this financial support. If you’re an eligible person, approach a company with this scheme to help you join the workforce now.

For more details on how to apply, check out Jobsplus’ Access 2 Employment Scheme here.

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