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WATCH: Eating Leaves And Sliema Front Selfies – Who Won The Lightning Bolt Challenge?

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The last we saw of Chucky and Mike, they were (supposedly) neck-in-neck in the Lightning Bolt Challenge, having just completed the final challenge out of four. Before the end of the video, they were about to head to university to give some car-less students a lift in their Bolt cab.

Screen Shot 2019 05 24 At 12 54 41

After successfully dropping a student off in Valletta and treating himself to a classic pizza biż-żebbuġ, Chucky made his way to the Sliema front…

… where he was tasked with getting together a group of eight strangers and taking a group selfie with them.

He then waited around for Mike to catch up, enjoying his win. So if you were #TeamChucky – you made the right choice and are now in the running to win €50 worth of Bolt rides.

If you were #TeamMike, well… nice try.

Screen Shot 2019 05 24 At 13 01 50

Although we have to admit, members of #TeamMike might be the real winners here

Because the content that young Mike BeeGee provided us all with was top notch.

From eating leaves to slow-motion transitions and sweaty hugs, Mike did not hold back. Too bad great B-roll footage isn’t exchangeable for first place.

If you didn’t catch part one, you can check out what went down here.

Screen Shot 2019 05 24 At 12 59 07

Chucky and Mike managed to make their way around the island with ease thanks to Bolt App

They didn’t need to worry about pre-booking any rides, and could rely on their cab to arrive on time every time. We’re not expecting any of you guys to invent your very own Lightning Bolt Challenge on a weekly basis, but we’re just saying that if you wanted to, it would be pretty easy.

Just download Bolt App today and use their cabs to help you and your friends get around quickly and hassle free. Cab and ride sharing is also pretty affordable and reduces the amount of cars on the road so that’s definitely a bonus.

Screen Shot 2019 05 24 At 12 55 53
Screen Shot 2019 05 24 At 12 54 24

Tag a friend who was #TeamMike to rub your win in their face

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