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WATCH: Epic Is Shaking Up Malta’s Telecoms Market With A Whole New Disruptive Campaign

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If you are struggling to find the best telecommunications company for you, then, newly-rebranded Epic may be the way to go.

Having launched in a massive way a few month’s back, Epic is already challenging the Maltese market by daring to be disruptive and delivering on their promise to provide a great network at a great value.

It is these two factors that make Epic all that it stands for.

The company believes that everyone should be entitled to a good amount of data, calls and SMS and not have to feel that they are breaking the bank to do so.

With just €9.99, all Epic users can receive a whopping 8GB of data, 200 minutes and 200 SMS to all local numbers on their Value Pack Top Up option. What’s more, if you had to compare this with other providers in Malta, you would get only half of what Epic will give you at this price point.

Thus, Epic brings you double the value of anyone else in Malta.

Who can resist that? We all love getting double the value for the same price – whether it is for drinks, food or quite literally anything else.

Having a good deal with your provider is proving more and more crucial in this day and age – whether it is being able to make it to your important meeting despite being stuck in traffic or seeing your grandparents online.  

There’s literally never been a better time to switch to Epic – whoever buys a new Epic Starter Pack or switches to Epic from another provider can enjoy halving the price for the first three purchases – meaning just €4.99 getting you 8GB data, 200 minutes and 200 SMS – not bad at all!

If you aren’t sure why to choose Epic over other providers, just know: not only is Epic daring and focused on great value for customers, they are innovative and also allow customers freedom – they are the first in the market to have no lock-in clause in their contracts.

Epic is set to shake up the Maltese telecoms market in a big way, as they set themselves up as the provider to join today. This is just the beginning though, as Epic is set to be offering many more amazing deals like this in the future!

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